Vice City Stories Multiplayer

Like Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories also features Ad-Hoc based multiplayer gameplay. There are 10 modes in total, all of which are described below. Power ups are also available during play, they include: Radar Invisibility, Mega Damage, Frenzy, Health Boost, Instant Repair and Sticky Tires.

Vice City Survivor
This is your standard deathmatch mode which can be played in teams or free for all.

Street Rage
Standard street racing around Vice City.

Protection Racket
Team up with friends and either defend your turf or attack a rival's turf. If defending, you must protect four vehicles from being destroyed. If attacking, you need to destroy your rival's four vehicles.

Taken for a Ride
This is like Capture the Flag, except you have to capture the other team's car. The team which captures the most cars in the time limit is the winner.

Tanks for the Memories
One tank is on the map, the one who spends the longest time in that Tank is the winner. However, players are equipped with weaponry including rocket launchers to blow you up.

Hit List
One player in the game is "The Mark" and is hunted, the rest of the players are hunters. The Mark must stay alive as long as possible, however, they cannot see other players on the radar nor can they stay in any vehicle for long (it will explode after a short time). Once The Mark is killed, someone else becomes it. The winner is the player who stays alive as The Mark for the longest.

Grand Theft Auto
Players steal specific vehicles off the street and return them to certain locations. The better condition the car is in when you deliver it, the more cash you'll receive. The winner is the player with the most money at the end of the time limit.

Might of the Hunter
This is essentially the same as Tanks for the Memories, except the objective is to score the most kills, with the vehicle being a Hunter rather than the tank. Players will have rocket launchers at their disposal.

Empire Takedown
Players are split into two teams, each with their own empire site. There are explosives planted in various locations on the map. The object is to grab the explosives and plant them at the opposing team's empire site, starting a countdown timer. The team that has planted the explosives must defend them until this timer runs out, while the other team has to try and remove them. If successful in removing them, the timer will pause and the tables are turned. When the timer reaches zero the empire site is destroyed, the winner being the team that destroyed the rival's site.

V.I.P. R.I.P.
There are two teams, the defenders, who also have a V.I.P. with them, and the attackers. The V.I.P. must collect five briefcases individually (after collecting one, another will spawn randomly on the map). Once all five are collected, the V.I.P. must escape to a location on the map. While the V.I.P. is doing this, the attackers are trying to kill him. The defenders must successfully protect the V.I.P. while he carries out the task and escapes to win. For the attackers to win, they must assassinate the V.I.P.

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