Kikizo Preview and UK release date

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Gaming website <a href=""target="_blank"></a>'>"target="_blank"></a> recently had the opportunity to preview Liberty City Stories on one of Rockstar's developer's kits. From what I have read, they are very impressed and is certainly a great preview to read.

Some interesting bits from the preview:

• The main areas of Liberty City (Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale) will be just as recognizable as GTA3, but have some tweaks: different short cuts, alleys, buildings, and some interiors have been thrown in for good measure too.

• Character customization is not as extensive as in San Andreas, more akin to that seen in Vice City, with certain outfits required for specific missions.

• The ferries system will work much the same way as the subway and the El-Train system.

• Quite a high level of detail on buildings.

Kikizo also says that the streets of Liberty City appeared to be a little quieter than GTA3. They were also highly impressed with the loading times. View the preview <a href=""target="_blank">here</a>.

On a side not, <a href=""target="_blank"></a> says that the UK release date for Liberty City Stories has now been confirmed. That it will be in stores Friday October 28th.

Links: <a href=""target="_blank">Kikizo Preview</a> and <a href=""target="_blank"></a>

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