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Grand Theft Wiki

By Gerard | 29th Jul 2006 at 21:42 GMT in General | 14 Comments

To get the GTA community all working together again, a few members from this site and other fan sites have decided that a great way to do this would be to have a dedicated website where anyone can add content. And so, without further ado, we are proud to announce the launch of Grand Theft Wiki - a free content-based GTA site that anybody can edit. A collaboration between multiple GTA communities.

We are using the same software as the famous Wikipedia, so many of you will be familiar with how a wiki works.

The idea of a wiki is that it is community built. Any passer-by can edit a page to correct a spelling or a missed date, or even contribute an entire article of their own. We encourage people to register and login (for free) so they can be recognised for their efforts and be a part of the GTW community. All the content will come from the community - we aren't copying it off sites or getting it fed to us from Rockstar or anything - it is built by you.

That of course means that we need people to contribute to make it a comprehensive database of everything everybody knows about GTA. When there are a lot of detailed articles, it will be useful and interesting for everybody.

You can visit the site just to read up as much as is known about Kent Paul, or which real-life cars the Cheetah and Infernus are built on. If you know something that isn't on the wiki, simply hit Edit and add it.

The plan is to fill it up with every scrap of information about the GTA games, their vehicles, characters, locations, storylines, developers and publisher, as well as adding in a lot of information about modding, and even a GTA4 Wishlist.

Pages are constantly being added as you read this. Bear with us while we get an acceptable level of content on there, and feel free to assist us by adding necessary pages.

We need your help to make this project the best resouce for GTA information. Anybody that knows anything about GTA please click edit and help us out. If everybody does that just a bit, then you might find quite a bit of it useful.

Rockstar Reveal Vice City Stories Box Art

By Chris | 24th Jul 2006 at 22:09 GMT in Vice City Stories | 15 Comments

Tonight we can present to you the official box art for Vice City Stories. We can confirm this is real as it's been sent to retailers across the world for their use on product pages, and all the commercial gaming websites now have it.


Judging by the Infernus on the cover, it looks just like either a 1978 Lamborghini Countach or 1982 Lamborghini Countach, which to me suggest a late 70's or early 80's setting.

Additionally, it appears from the box art that the bikers will be appearing once again, as well as possibly Umberto Robina, the Cuban gang leader. Expect to see many familiar faces in VCS. Stay tuned for more updates and screenshots coming soon.

Rockstar Unscalded by Hot Coffee

By Chris | 22nd Jul 2006 at 00:16 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

For those who are still interested in this matter, yesterday afternoon Take Two released a statement regarding the Federal Trade Commission inquiry into 'Hot Coffee' and the supposedly inaccurate rating of the game. Take Two and Rockstar are now in the clear, and can now relax and put this whole thing behind them. Thankfully for the company no fines or penalties were made against Take Two.

There is a Consent Order and agreement which means that Take Two must not misinterpret a game's rating or content descriptors, and must implement a system to ensure all game content is reviewed in connection with submissions to ratings authorities.

Follow the link at the end of this post to read the statement in full.

Paul Eibeler, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are extremely pleased that the FTC has concluded its very thorough investigation, and that the matter has been resolved. We recognize the importance of maintaining public confidence in the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating system and helping the ESRB educate parents and consumers about the rating system. We look forward to putting this behind us and focusing on what we do best - creating video games."

LINK: Take Two Statement

Another Fake GTAIV Screenshot

By Chris | 10th Jul 2006 at 15:58 GMT in GTA IV | 13 Comments

Today my inbox saw another fake screenshot arrive. This time from someone known as 'Inky'. It's a fairly standard fake screen, supposedly a real photo taken from a television on which GTAIV is playing. The HUD and radar are clearly borrowed from San Andreas, though. Also, the man in the screenshot is just one of the characters from Half Life 2. (thanks chris82)

Click for full image...


Check out more Fake GTA IV Screenshots

UPDATE: Last week I actually received a nice fake screen from 'jamesdehunter', forgot to post about it, the screen depicts blood spattered London Underground signage...


Weebls Stuff Comical GTA4 Preview

By Chris | 6th Jul 2006 at 18:29 GMT in GTA IV | 5 Comments

Bizunth over at Weebls-Stuff has put up an amusing preview of GTA4. They're going for a fictional city based on London, avoiding any clich├ęs.

The key thing here is realism. True Britishness. You'll be able to happy-slap random pedestrians, with a photo being saved to your memory card each time. The city will be covered in bird crap. You won't be able to get a signal on the radio stations going through tunnels, and if you do you can bet they'll be playing the same song all day. A minigame involving the Queen's vagina has been removed due to the recent Hot Coffee debacle.

Gang hand signals are replaced with rhyming slang, the respect meter is replaced by a dial showing how much you love your mum. Even prostitutes won't just get in your car straight away, you'll have to find their card in a red phone box, give them a call and arrange a meeting time and place, and hope that you aren't beaten up by a Russian man in a tracksuit...

There's loads more amusing details of course, so for a hilarious read during this slow news week, head over to Weebls-Stuff to read their satirical preview.

Thanks to Gerard for this link.

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