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    I hope you realize the way you phrased that.. equals to a 1/6 of a half.
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    Several thing about the police and or how they treat you based on your wanted level.... One star you get a the usually pestering street cop chasing you, and they radio for backup, a patrol car comes to assist and will get out and chase you and or call for more patrol cars to catch or ram you, either on foot or in a car. After chasing you on foot after so long they should use a T.A.S.E.R gun on you, if you fight back or refuse to surrender or shoot at them a 2nd star lights up.. And it is a unknown if you can manage to get away form the cops with 1 star only lite up, if the cops have a sketch of you face for further reference.... The 2 star wanted level would not really change much from what it is now, but it would be extremely difficult to get away on foot.. And in a car they would continue to hound you, at this point you get a unknown time limit (no on screen timer) to escape arrest by vehicle or on foot they will obviously be shooting at you on foot If you use a vehicle during this time they could opt for a spike strip, or to ram you off the road, I mean RAM you, none of this silly [email protected] like in San Andreas. If you refuse to stop or out run the cops on foot, after the time limit or worse you continue to shoot at any cops, peds, or hit any peds cops, with your vehicle and or choose to start ramming police cars. The timer will be invalid and 3rd star lights up.. The 3rd star would be more of the same, the pesky police helicopters will be called in so you will be in a very difficult position, unless you can find some shade or areas that the Heli cannot fly into without wrecking, but the heli will give the last known location of your where abouts, police will then form a circled radius of cars, and on foot, to look for you, also blocking off any possible exits. Of course spike strips, and road blocks are a constant with 3 stars... and again you are given a unknown amount of time to elude 3 stars.. If you choose to ram through road blocks or manage to injury or kill any peds or cops, the timer will not matter you will be given 4 stars.. During 4 stars the police are given lethal force tactics, setting up road blocks with full automatic weapons, cars will be form a line behind you but will back off of ramming or chasing you, (to prevent anymore peds or cops from injury or death) the goal will be to limit, and or try to, cut off any routes from escaping.. Once you slow or try to stop, the cops behind you will close in and get out of there cars, along and any cops around you, and will open fire.. Police will also be given orders to use buses or any heavy vehicles used to set up road blocks, to prevent you from ramming thur road blocks.... Any peds or cops you kill during this time puts you on the FBI's wanted list... If you manage to live or continue killing cops and peds, or the unknown timer runs out, the FBI is sent.. Swat will also be involved but they will be part of the road blocks, and or be set-up to enter a buildings.. They will not be part of the chase itself but kind off the Death Squad, to take you out.. Police helicopters will also drop off SWAT into locations where they believe you are surrounded or where they feel you could make your next move.. SWAT will use tear gas, flash bombs, on you in or outside of buildings, to take you down... The FBI will set up a T.A.C force this includes there own armed heli, with 50 cal. rounds, also capable of launching missiles.. They will will assist SWAT and set up there own cut off points, and use cops to bait you into road blocks where they will be using heavy machine gun fire... The FBI will also use a EMP weapon to disable your vehicle.. If you choose to use the vehicle as a weapon running over more peds or cops, the FBI heli will fire missiles at your car, if you choose to use the vehicle to cover from police gun fire, and return gun fire the FBI will shoot your car with a missile.. If you choose to shoot at police or peds the FBI will use the 50 cal rounds to take you out.. I would get rid of the 6th star level, unless you choose to enter a army, or navy base to steel weapons and or vehicles. Then the Army would be the only ones involved with chasing you and or taking you out.. A couple of additional things... If you manage to never get above 3 stars the cops will continue to patrol the area your face and your escape vehicle will be sent into there computers, you are now a wanted man, you could turn you self in and face the fines, possible loss of (gameplay) days due to jail time or give him a lawyer that gets him gets his client free on goofy loop holes within the laws. Or wait to be hounded by the first cop that spots your face, and it begins again... The longer you keep from getting caught once you have become a marked man by the cops, the cops will dictate the level of police force next time you get spotted by the cops.. (how many stars automatically lite up) You could get and automatic 2 stars if you never rammed, fought, or shot at the police.. If you have done any of the mentioned actions, you will get an automatic 4 stars... If you have escaped or managed to get away with 5 stars, if you get spotted it will be an automatic 5 stars.. You also get the option at any point during these chases 1-5 stars to call in your own back up, or Death Squad.. Who purpose is to get the heat put on them and away from you.. Put you never will be free of police, unless you are busted or turn yourself in.. I think they should have things in the game that give yo a chance to escape the FBI, namely the EMP, amoung other things like hacking to police computers, or having some else to it for you, hacking the computer yourself, could get you caught and would they would send the FBI out to get you... But all this stuff should have a limit to how much you can carry and use during police chases and shootouts.. And hiring anyone to fix computers or clear your name would cost you a boat load money.. Keep the goofy stuff in the game, but make it a little more fun and interesting.. I like the set up they have in GTA IV for eluding police... But they could add to it.. I must state that I have a raw hate for Cops, in real life, but this kind off police action in the game would be fun to see...
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    Hi guys. I'm new here. I would like to see the next GTA in San Andreas or one of the cities in San Andreas.
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    sand thats what i thought
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    A completely new San Andreas would be fantastic (with all the same cities and stuff just completely remodelled) or Vice City
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