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  1. lawl mate not you!

    I haz da internetz i kant be no fagio!

  2. lol you must be having a next gen computer!

  3. Yeah Sure mate! Check your PM for the add!

  4. Fags posting shit in my profile :P I should find a stick and spank you all!! *whack whack*

  5. Your butt looks wet! Must be because of all the saliva! :D


  6. Dude! srry mate, lights went out!

  7. lawl! Noodle mate!

  8. Yes I do! \m/!

  9. Rolfzor looks like the guy in your personal pic is sucking a giant wee wee!!

  10. You have msn?

  11. Yea fine, I have both. Whats your nick?

  12. Nothing! Going to play soe SA:MP. ssup with you

  13. Hey there mate!

  14. nthng much !! how you doing...wait i'll come on msn

  15. Yea sure! have a good day!

  16. Hey mate!..wassup!

  17. happy bday buddy! ave a great year ahead!!

  18. 3rd! nice ! CET is on 10th na!

  19. nah man!! i used to!! try using meebo!

  20. lolz check again!!

  21. yea.. exams were okay!! wat bout urs

    take the id from my profile

  22. Thanks guys!!! have a good day

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