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  1. Cool..Gimme your id I'll add you up.

  2. Hah Love the style though, Good to see some good graphics guys joining .

  3. Not sure if I'll be getting it, World at war will probably be my next ww2 shooter game. I really want to play Bad company but i don't have a console!

  4. I must kill you for you know too much! Expect a ninja at your place, Around 3ish will do?

  5. Bob saget, the dude from full house i think! Google is your friend :P! and Bob the Builder is a pedo o_O

  6. Bob Saget/Bob the builder?

  7. You guys have school on Saturdays too?

  8. I used to play may Payne and Hitman few years back. Right now I still have to finish Assassins creed which ive left hanging for quite some time. I started playing Alone...ITD yesterday which I must warn you is quite crap!

  9. Hey Nudellz! Watcha doin!

  10. Ah yes! I've heard they are good, So what kinds of games are you into(Other than GTA)?

  11. You have lots of jokers in your profile! I shat bricks!

  12. Yeah ! I kinda keep experimenting with different genres! What kinds of music are you into?

  13. TBH I have no idea, I found it on my HD sometime back(probably saved it while browsing). And Nice you have Disturbed on there!

  14. What can I say, That\s what you get for sleeping under an emo persons bed.

  15. With the Used needles and blades? Why?

  16. oOoOo Riot van! Bom sechs!

  17. Hey GD! @Nate:Puh! 2+2 = Lesbian sex!

  18. Im good too,added new stuff to my profile page!

  19. Yeah Thank you :) Gonna add some more stuff in there. How you doin!

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