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  1. Nah re! humlog ka boards are starting in last Feb week of feb !! so its gonna be march till I get my net back

  2. haha!! sorry dude but thats the way I am!! :P

  3. er..hey happy Bday!! srry coudnt wish you Yday!! :P

  4. Hey!! 98 years eh!! cool

  5. Somone rate me!!:((

  6. Wow your damn superb !!

    gotta go make a "Jade fan"userbar!!

  7. Hey buddy!! dropped by to say Hi

  8. Hey dude! wassup!! howdy doing? Jus droped by to say Hi!! tc

  9. Hey dude u rock at photoshop!!!

  10. hey dude!! just droped by to say hi!!

  11. Hey buddy!! just thought of saying hi!!

  12. made one more re!! again got kicked out!! so now ive got bored with orkut!!

  13. heY!! HAPPY BDAY DUDE!! have a rocking day!!

  14. lolz!! btw grapics bhari bana raha hai aaj kal!!

  15. hahahah!! poccha kab???

  16. wanna chk out my hindi den?? :D

    the name is Rohan!!

  17. india dude!!

    ya dont wrry i will!! btw im juss chkd out ur sig topic!! cool gifs bro!!!

  18. nm bro!! vacations goin on!! im enjoyin!!

  19. hey bro!! thnks for tht!!

    srry i didnt notice ur comment before!!

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