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Status Updates posted by EvoLuTioN

  1. xD My friendly neighborhood spiderboy!

  2. YOU RULZ!!! \m/ \m/ *headbangs*

  3. Its an emo rocker, Oh wai I suck at this too...must slit some more!

  4. What do you mean change? It is filled with emoness!

  5. Oo No I need that..er for stuff! Lets stick to slting, I'm a Newbie emo!

  6. You Can come over and slice my other wrist oO

  7. Nice! Call a emo person names, now excuse me while i go slit my wrist!

  8. Haha Yea! Nothing much really, My Pc is hitting on me, meh..

  9. YaY YaY YaY!!! YOU RULZZZ!!! I missed you :S

  10. NO Moar! Go stand there in the corner and think about what you have done!

  11. Go easy on the candy Buddy!

  12. Yeah Actually I just came up with one siggy, I'll PM you the link in sometime!

    @YJ: xD

  13. Need an Edward L-ric sigg? :-S

  14. You RULLZ!!!!! Stop stealing my userbars now!

  15. Jay's son probably! I'm gonna die at 32 apparently!

  16. zOMG userbar stealer :D

  17. Ah I was wondering how'd you get so much lipstick over your face!

  18. Thank you! I like your lips! Soo red!

  19. Hey there!!

  20. Yeah Im Good to! Going to bed now. Cya tomm!

  21. I don't really know! I found it on google. Some star wars creature probably!

  22. Hey there! How you doing!

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