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  1. Really dude?? I been to Gtaplace but I also been to GtaBoards and Gta forums and I been to gtajunkies I been to alot man

  2. hey buddy =] Hows you doing.

  3. FREESTYLE!!! Wuuutup DAWG! :)

  4. Hey pal :) Thanks buddy how r yu doin man? Ok I hope! :) See ya around holmes :)

  5. Get on MSN yu Cockeroach! lol!!

  6. Heyyy man :D Rated you. AS A 1! No just kidding. A five m8 :D lol

  7. lol sky, you might have to ban a noob today XD I read that topic about that 1 guy wanting to be mod. LMAO!

  8. Hey punk! ;]

  9. BAN THE NOOBS DUDE!!! lol :D

    gtg now man.. We got a meeting.. with everybody over here :( fkin theropy man i swear this shyt suks. later buddy

  10. Hey Jade :)

    (yellow jacket) :D

  11. Hey doood! :) Wassup man sign on MSN i got a cool song to show you! lol! PEACE!

  12. Hey thanks buddy!! I thought it would be a good discussion :)

  13. Hey my man! :)

  14. hey mate! Thanks man! I am happy to be here. I will stick around ;)

  15. Hey buddy! Thanks. lol. Yea I like it too.

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