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    It's a shame, isn't it.
  2. It pulls of easy though. From what you can see in that photo and what I have heard from someone who has an LCS skin like that, it aint realy that good. However I do realy like the PSP case and of course another PSP would just be fine.
  3. Yep I also highly doubt GTA will win that. I mean sure most of it are made in the UK, but looking at the gta games it just reminds you of america.
  4. Thankyou Microsoft! Well not that I will download it, but atleast it's a step closer to everyone having a browser similar to that of firefox (meaning they don't see web pages like they would have in IE 6 and previous versions). Btw, nice userbar
  5. I don't think I'll be trying out any mods for a while. When I'm playing SA I'm just busy playing MTA. Also nice going on linking PS3User.com . Google bots likes that. Hey google... check this out... PS3 info, PS3 release date, PS3 cheats, PS3 reviews, PS3 news. Visit http://www.ps3user.com !
  6. Yes, but they are the ones that decides when the game should be released
  7. Earlier on we reported about Rockstar Games getting sued by Los Angeles City Attorney, Rocky Delgadillo, for allegedly hiding sexual content within GTA: SA when it was submitted to the ESRB for rating. Well things just got worse! The company that owns Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, had a tough afternoon in New York this Friday when shares plumitted by $3.29 to $13.74. That's a drop of 19%! The Banc of America said it expected Grand Theft Auto next (GTA 4) to be released in 2007, which according to them, is later than expected. They also said Take-Two is spending money "at an alarming rate". They believe that each share is worth $12, and not $17. If that is not enough, one of the board members, Barbara Kaczynski, resigned on Wednesday saying that the company's management failed to keep the board up to date about all the important issues. Of course this is no news about Grand Theft Auto. But things are looking very bad for the games publisher. Making games costs money, and if there's no money then... well then there's no game. Perhaps we'll be seeing other companies, such as Sony for instance, that might want to buy Rockstar Games out. Grand Theft: Turismo anyone? Sources: Los Angeles Times and Market Watch
  8. Months after San Andreas was pulled from stores all over North America; re-rated to Adults Only; re-released and rated back to "M" for Mature, someone is suing Rockstar again over the hidden sexual content. Apperantly Los Angeles City Attorney, Rocky Delgadillo, sued Rockstar on Thursday for violating California business code. Now we all know that the copies of GTA: San Andreas available in stores right now doesn't contain those hidden sexual content, however they are being sued for hiding it in the first place when it was submitted to the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Delgadillo says that the ESRB would have immediatly slapped an Adults Only rating on the game if they knew about the sexual content in the first place. This is probably true and Rockstar could be in for some series trouble, although I don't see GTA: San Andreas getting pulled from stores. Perhaps they will only have to pay a hefty fine. Source: MTV News
  9. Yep of course this site/forum is gonna be so much better/popular than any other fan site for a game.
  10. Here's my part: PS3User.com For quite some time now I had an idea of starting either a PSP/PS3 related website. Well I've been whoising a few PS3 related domains this past few days to find a great PS3 one. What I found at webmaster related forums was that many people bought a lot of great PS3 domains to sell for 100's and 1000's of dollars even. So after a long while I came up with PS3User.com . I was looking at it in this way: A guy/girl is sitting in front of his PC, with a PS3 next to him. He/she is a PS 3 user, so he comes to PS3User.com for all his PS3 related stuff! Like that person didn't buy a PS3 game for a while, and wants to check out the latest games. So he heads to PS3User.com and browses by categorie (Action, racing etc.) to find a game of interest. Of course that is still far away, so we'll deffinetly be covering everything PS3 related before the release of the console from every angle. Of course I'm not doing this all by myself. Me and Chris from TheGTAPlace.com decided to team up with this site. I'll also be looking for staff once the site is ready for launch. So keep your eyes peeled . We opened the board recently and you can register today and start posting before the launch of the site! http://www.ps3user.com/forums
  11. For some reason I regret writing this news article..... sometimes I feel like I'm writing news for 6 year olds. Maybe I am :S
  12. Taking drugs or something? Not every famous hollywood actor dies of drugs you know. This could be of many reasons.... perhaps a heart attack, hell he could have even choked in his food.
  13. The famous hollywood actor Chris Penn, who voiced Officer Eddie Pulaski in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, was found dead at an apartment in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica on Tuesday. The cause of death is still unknown, but police sources have said that there were no signs of foul play. He died at the age of 40. Source: Reuters
  14. Before it was released there were tons of servers already open.. Anyway gonna update my post with Jordan's maps. It is amazing! Yet Destruction Derby with 31 other players is crazy...
  15. Yeah same here. Although http://mtavc.com/ works Just downloaded and are gonna install now Cheers.
  16. It's that time of the month.. year again when another version of MTA:SA is released!
  17. What am I writing news for nowadays? 4 year olds? I couldn't have stated it clearer: News title: MTA: SA server released - Client coming today! "Currently only the server is up for download, but head on over to this page that has a countdown clock to the release of the client." "Check back soon when we'll be updating this post as soon as the client is released." ????
  18. Yes, the long awaited MTA: SA is about to spice up the GTA community in a very, very short while. MTA: SA is currently the best multiplayer mod for GTA: San Andreas and has many great features. One of them is deffinetly the Map Editor which will allow every single server to be unique. You can spawn almost any model that R* has put into the game and build your own race track. Most of you will remember the ever so popular MTA: VC. Despite its lags, it was very popular for the past few years. MTA:SA however is entirely new and built from the ground up for almost a year now. The client is also not seperate anymore. The entire MTA interface is inside the GTA: SA menu. It allows you to browse and connect to other MTA: SA servers. Inside you'll also find the MAP editor. Currently only the server is up for download, but head on over to this page that has a countdown clock to the release of the client. Check back soon when we'll be updating this post as soon as the client is released. This is literally gonna change the GTA community as it is. Are you ready? UPDATE: The MTA:SA client is now released! Click here to download from TheGTAPlace. UPDATE 2: You might want to try out the following links courtesey of Jordan at PlanetGTA: MTA: SA FAQ Fan made maps Links: MTA: SA Blog, PlanetGTA's MTA:SA review and download MTASA. Since many people were bombarding the MTASA site causing it too load slowly or crashed, we added our own mirror, click the download link above to get MTASA.
  19. Hey smallpancake if you looked earlier in the topic you would have seen that I linked to the tutorial. I shall link to it again: http://www.highend3d.com/maya/tutorials/mo...ygon/239-3.html Well you don't have to believe that it was my first model, cause it was. Well it's not realy easy to work with, unless you learn via text and video tutorials. Just read that tutorial and judge for yourself if someone using the software for the first time can create that. If you still don't believe me.. well then I must be some kind of genius for creating such a stunning model for the first time.
  20. A bunch of members over at the ever so popular GTAForums, uncovered the latest news bit about the next-generation of Grand Theft Auto. You'd remember that a few weeks back we reported on the GTALondon rumour, which was clearly one big fake. The next rumour recently hit news stands in PSM UK, and until recently, the web. Apparently the publication, which is known to publish fake info, reports that the next Grand Theft Auto for next generation consoles is to launch as early as this year in the United Kingdom. According to the small article, GTA 4 will be set in Europe and will feature 6 cities. Here's what they had to say: Firstly what I find interesting is that the publication says that Rockstar releases a "proper" GTA game every 2 years. What was Liberty City Stories then? An "improper" GTA? Anyway, the bit about Sam Houser praising the Playstation 3 was more or less the same what he said at E3 of last year. We all know by now that Take-Two Interactive owns a few trademarks, that was registered back in December of 2003, and most certainly know about Sam Houser registering GTA4/GrandTheftAuto4.com back in 1999. Interestingly the rest of it is exactly the same as what is written on GTA 4 fan site, GTA4.net. But all of a sudden PSM goes ahead and do what most magazine publications do best, write amazing new info without any proof or sources. That it will feature 6 new cities set in Europe. Although I can easily believe that it will be a PS3 exclusive, and that if it comes out this year, Rockstar will announce it at this years E3 in L.A. Earlier this week, at the Citigroup 16th Annual Entertainment, Media and Telecommunications Conference, Executive Vice President at Take-Two, Cindi Buckwalter, had the following to say about this years E3: She also had the following very interesting bit to say: Adam over at GTAnet contacted a representative of Rockstar Games in New York a short while ago about PSM's article, and his response was simply the following: "I will have to double check for you, but I'm pretty sure this is just an unsubstantiated rumor from them at this point." So for now we'll just file this one under rumours. Source: GTAForums Topic *removed from front news* EDIT: Guess I didn't know all of it until I got a full scan http://img459.imageshack.us/img459/523/scan26we.jpg
  21. Now sometimes I consider mods that just change the appearance of a vehicle in GTASA to be "ok". But when you basicly create an entire new vehicle that can do something entirely "new", then it is truely amazing! Well done again Switch, I'm gonna try this out right now.
  22. Yet again Edison Carter released an update to his LCS Cheat Device, that changed the way how we play the number one selling PSP game. The latest update, v0.7, allows bikes to be driven on walls; a new gravity feature; the option to freeze everything; change gameplay and walking speed; flip over; unlimited heli flying height and a Cheat Maker! Bikes can now drive on any type of surface, whether on a side of a bridge, or a building. Any direction where the tyres are pointing to becomes the direction of gravity. You can now also the change the value of the gravity to any amount you want. Great news is that this feature works in multiplayer mode, once the Cheat Device is loaded. With the freeze everything activated, vehicles that you've touched or aggressive drivers will instantly freeze. There's also an option to change gameplay speed to a higher value if you set the CPU speed to 333MHz. Changing the walking speed allows you to walk faster on foot. There's also a new option to flip over and helicopters can now fly at unlimited flying height! The sky is not the...... a limit. A new cheat maker is also included. Edison Carter warns that you should only use this if you know what you're doing. For more information be sure to read the release notes included in the .zip file. Click the links below to start downloading and start the LCS madness! Cheat Device v0.7 for all firmware versions: US/Canada version 0.7:CheatDevice07US.zip UK/EU version 0.7: CheatDevice07UK.zip Related: Maxbot.com
  23. That doesn't make SENSE! Do you even know the fiscal quarters of Take-Two? Q1 = Nov, Dec, Jan Q2 = Feb, March, April Q3 = May, June, July Q4 = August, Sept, Oct If you read previous Take-Two press releases you would have noticed that in ALL of them when they refer to "quarters" they are refering to the companies fiscal quarters (seen above). In other words, Feb, March, April. Of course what I just said wasn't worth it, but I tend to correct people when they try to correct me. (sorry ).
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