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  1. ANGRY FACE. Chris hasn't told me what to do in like......... 6 years... At least...... I don't belong in this topic. I don't even use Twitter.
  2. Again, twisting words because you have no better argument. Real childish. And THQ isn't exactly a respectable game developer..... But if ALL you're going to do on this board is bash GTA and it's fans, then why even be here anymore?
  3. Yeah, you have absolutely no basis for that statement. I have not ONCE hyped up GTA in the past FOUR YEARS? YOU'RE the one being the fan-boy, getting yourself all bent over how much Saints Row is the end-all of sandbox video games. Again, if you do not like GTA, then get out. It's that easy. This makes as much sense as a homophobe having a gay porn subscription.
  4. Can you just shut your mouth for once? If you don't like GTA, GET OFF THE GTA PLACE. Fucking hell.
  5. That didn't even make sense. However, I have come to expect that from you. Really? I'd probably go with a bunch of non-GTA titles before I'd pick CTW up again. It was not a very fun game to play, not on the PSP at least.
  6. Then buy a damn PS2. If that's all you want to play, then that's all you need to buy. Awwww, you think people actually give a shit about Romanian people. Since no one actually DOES give a shit, your joke kind of fails. Actually, American English is closer to traditional English than the English spoke in England. Ignoring slang, of course. Since when has East Asia NOT been part of Asia?
  7. Wait.... How the HELL do you get "Ireland" to be the ONLY thing the design could point to? Your SRIII avatar points to old European royalty playing a big part in SRIII, but we know nothing of the such would ever happen. Quit being a dick. Why are you even on this board if all you want to do is jack it to how much better SR is than GTA? I'm curious, it was JUST announced, and there's already a trailer on the way? How long have they been working on it? How much have they got done? How much more do they have to go? What all do we think will be in the trailer? And what is the deal with the money style logo.....
  8. I agree he looks like a faggot, Toby Maguire was as dweeby as needed for Peter Parker. However, the costume doesn't look bad. And seriously? Children's Halloween costumes? Those have zero detail in them. The new reboot is sticking a little truer to the comics, at least. Speaking of which, the comic is being re-booted, too. In which the main character is not even Peter Parker anymore.
  9. DO note that I said "I have met". You cannot tell me who I have met and who I have not. My experience, not yours. Thank you.
  10. I guess you're right, they both tend to be on the mental level of 5 year olds. However, I have met a couple GTA fans who weren't immature more than 40% of their life. I cannot say the same about SR fans.
  11. I have found that, for the most part, SR fans are incredibly immature and usually have mental disorders. My avatar and sig set are from Christmas..... Two years ago? Three years ago? I don't remember. I do remember never changing it.
  12. Well, yeah. But what has ANY of this got to do with the Vita?
  13. This would actually probably be the easiest first step.
  14. And your point? Who the hell wants to play PS2 games? If you want to play PS2 games, you should probably get a PS2.
  15. Or, possibly, your Windows is just fucked. I mean, it freezes trying to load Windows, and even trying to repair it, right? That seems pretty logical to me. Pretty much, step one is still trying to access the contents of the HDD.
  16. I didn't understand your question. What do you mean can you freeze it then clone it? I mean, sure, if you're capable of cloning the disk, then you should be fine. This is ALL assuming the hard drive is still accessible. And remember, it's going to heat up fast, freezing it is very temporary, and only helps while it's still cold.
  17. First one was good the first time through. Absolutely NO re-watch value. The second one? BLEW COCK. Shock value was gone from watching the first one. Not sure if the third one will be worth a damn or not.
  18. Best first step would be freezing the drive to prolong what life it may have left, and then trying to get into from another computer. It may not be booting up, but you might still be able to access the drive. They sell all sorts of hard drive USB docks, for both 3.5's and 2.5's. I'd get one that does both, because if you're going to buy one, might as well get one that you might get some more use out of later. Here's a 2.5 SATA dock, sounds like exactly what you could use. It's only 10 dollars USD. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817348028 Or for a couple less dollars, you can try this enclosure. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817816015 This is all assuming you can still get into the drive. I mean, at the very least, the computer still recognizes that Windows is on the drive, so it can't be TOO far gone.
  19. This is my girlfriend of 5+ years, and she's absolutely psychotic.... Nolanverse Batman's Inception Equilibrium Clerks/2 Mirrormask Scarface Memento Pulp Fiction The Haunting in Connecticut Iron Man/2 Star Trek(2009) Dead End Smiley Face Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Gran Torino Saw series Killer Klowns from Outer Space Kick-ass World's Greatest Dad Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Jersey Girl Jurassic Park Party Monster The Expendables Super Troopers Annnnnnnnnd a significant amount more, but I can't be bothered to list anymore. Admittedly, most of those are on Netflix, so it was easy to see them.
  20. No, I think he was just the chief executive. iPods are clunky if you ask me. And EVERYONE makes touch screen phones. That isn't anything special, they weren't even the first to do it. And I wouldn't call OS X "usable". I think it takes a rather "special" person in order to use them properly. Mac users give "PCs" such flak for not being "user-friendly"..... But you have to install a program to uninstall another one? Really, Apple? And the folder organization is horrendous, and I'm not one for much of organization on my computer to begin with! Over-hyped, over-priced, I don't call that innovation.....
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