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  1. Yes it would. Hell, his shit wasn't even the best shit. Google out-steps them in almost everything they attempt. And seriously? The iPad? REALLY? NO DAMN USB PORTS!? Fuck you Mac.... BULLSHIT MOVE! I wouldn't go that far.
  2. Portal Gun(quite a crowd favorite I see) Guided rocket launcher(I want to say it was BF2) CROWBAR Gravity Gun, fo' sho' And this tazer from this game I can't remember.
  3. And what the fuck-all does that have to do with this thread? Alright, best step back a couple of feet. If you got words to throw, fuckin' throw 'em, and stop beating around the bush. And this topic is retarded as hell. Ridiculous question. Tomb Raider, Portal, Blood Rayne, a few Resident Evil games, Parasite Evil, etc... Do those games only get played by females because the lead characters are female?
  4. Well, that never stopped you before. And yeah, what gives? No one cares about any type of order around here anymore.
  5. Funny that TUN3R didn't scream at him about it, since he's rather insistent on yelling about all those "spammers".
  6. Oh damn nigga! Vista "upgrade" disks couldn't do that, could they? That's awesome to know. And my computer should do fine, my old desktop passed the upgrade advisor, and use to run the open beta. It actually ran better than my full version of XP.
  7. That's for an upgrade. If you have XP, that is useless to you. :-( 300"]http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/en_US/pd/productID.216645600/catID.44066800/parentCategoryID.44066700/categoryID.50726100/list.true"]300 dollars?[/url] Screw this, I KNOW that's the damn URL code, DON'T TELL ME IT ISN'T!!!!!!
  8. TUN3R's best post. Hands down. One hundred+ dollars is expensive if you have bills to pay, a shitty paying job, and no mommy or daddy to pay for shit for you. Jussss sayin', yo. I use XP, because I can't be bothered to find out whether or not my laptop has a DVD burner so I can install W7. My desktop decided not to boot from my main HDD anymore, even though it recognizes it just fine. Fuck you computer.
  9. Stay off the internet. That's the only way to keep yourself from being attacked for any and every little thing that is wrong with you. If you want to continue enjoying the internet, you gotta learn to just not care what people say.
  10. How can you say that and have a name like Mr. GTA? The originals had plenty of great stuff in it, but given you actually gave it a chance. And actually played it. I don't mean driving around for an hour then turning it off.
  11. How can Origins and Homecoming be mentioned but NOT one or two? Silent Hill 2 had PYRAMID HEAD for christ's sake!
  12. Saints Row just isn't my thing. I don't know, it's immature even on GTA's standards. Probably to play with other people, would be my first guess.
  14. Yeaaah, 'scuse me? And "TUN3R" is a better name, I 'spose? Look at you, being so trendy with your 3 as an E, that was only popular like 10 years ago. Really, who the hell do you think you are? Yeah, that shit again. Because no one cares to hear you be a little asshole. So fucking stop it.
  15. And you think YOU'RE any help when half your posts are comprised of "SHUT UP YOU SPAMMER!!!!!!!!"? How cute. If you disabled your Windows Firewall and got the same results, how can it be Windows Firewall that is causing a problem? Even better question, who in their RIGHT MIND uses WINDOWS FIREWALL?
  16. Do the neighborhood folders work anything like in The Sims 2? Cause you could backup all your families and lots, and put them into the new neighborhood when it's released. So you can do stuff like this in The Sims 3? I can't even run that game :-(
  17. Well, THAT'S helpful. Have you even tried to run GTA IV yet? I doubt it's going to run very well on a Windows emulator. Especially on a Mac, which aren't built for gaming at all. I'd get past that point before worrying about modding it.
  18. Well, did YOU post about it? For that matter, did ANYONE post about it? No? Wow... Pretty sad no one has posted yet on such old news. Again, maybe some of your opinions and comments should just be left to yourself.
  19. Soooo... See everyone in another week when another topic is posted?
  20. Sorry, we apparently didn't give you that memo.... Really? Damn... And that... OTHER... shit..... And Tuner, you seem to have a lot to say about everyone else's posts. Pro-tip, nobody cares, kay?
  21. Uhh.... Humans aren't asexual, anyways....
  22. I knew it. He always breaks everything. My desktop pc has not been working for months now, and I blame it all on him.
  23. Just thought I'd point this out. And if it's already known, I'd ask why?
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