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  1. i think theres ufos but i dont believe you saw an alien
  2. what an idiot trying to get back at you like that
  3. hi im new and ive been told this is a good site so hello
  4. So what if they dont put all my ideas in and if any of your ideas are better send them in.
  5. what about more modern music not only having to find black boxvilles to steal from houses be able to get plastic surgery 1 super car:perfect handeling full speed, perfect cornering be back with more soon
  6. being able to play tennis,golf,surf date anyone you can cof,fart,belch,sneeze peds talk more marry your chick have kids petrol gauges
  7. Some more to add to my list: more vehicles a big navel base trailers for cars and sedans slasher, discker for tractors cruise ship nuclear power station being able to get drunk being able to take drugs heli fire missions drop water on fires being able to take hostages do things with dead bodies bury, hide them jet ski's way more secrets underground cave waterfall to go white water rafting steam rollers bring back undercover cops and spike strips bullet holes handicap people rob stores, banks have video camera help build houses on fire r3 missions you should be able to save people in burning houses by using ladders for tall buildings or chop down there door with axe on small buildings more police wanted level stars be able to lock doors on your car so peds cant steal them be able to see armour peds get wanted levels to when peds hit you the cops go after them I will be back with more soon
  8. My Wishlist is: A Speedometer When tires are poped they should shred down to the rim with sparks flying everywhere Being able to chop down tress to make road blocks and snap small branches off to hit people with pick bricks and rock up to smash windows different weather like snow, tonadoes and earthquakes more missions being able to cut small bushes down with machete ambulance missions in heli pick up trees and power lines fall down in storms more realistic weapons less orange then sa milk floats deliver milk to homes dust carts pick up trash bins window wipers animals bigger map sell icecream kids and teenagers petrol garages vehicles to run out of petrol
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