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  1. if there are animals then if you stay in the water for over 5 minutes you should get attacked by a huge shark drive through on all take away shops go to 24-7's to buy food thet can be eaten at home be able to go to sports stadiums like baseball, footy or soccer & be run in on the game , assasinate every player & have very large crowds with people sitting, walking & selling hotdogs, popcorn & tomatoes to throw at the players...... then that could mean more melee weapons bring back taxi rides to the mission that you failed way more 4x4 test tracks more arena missions bring back good citizen bonus fit as many people as you want in car but if cops see you you get the same amount of police stars for how many people over seat limit
  2. peds walk down the streets with pet dogs bring back all the old gangs : diabalos triads marfia yardies yakuzas redneck haitians cubans cartel ballas grove los santos vargos los aztecas varrios san fierro rifa the nang thang bring back the rampages & hidden packages to 100% the game have about 100 of each : hidden packages unique stunts rampages gang tags oysters horseshoes photo-ops by more cloths :army suit police paramedic fire fighter
  3. oc loc becuase he liked talking shit
  4. zero and og loc they just talk about shit
  5. i dont no i will have to try it for myself
  6. i liked the *spoiler* -Thanks to me for making that- SkY jet pack it got you anywhere
  7. make the icecream & garbage trucks look like the ones on gtaIII more different tractors you can pick up people in coaches & busses for $5 a person like on gta vice city have r3 mission on the lawnmower to go to peoples houses & mow there lawn for a bit of extra ca$h another r3 mission could be when a car breaks down on the highway you can get in a towtruck and get them out of the way & take them to a pay & spray or transfender backhoes & excavators dodge vipers could be used by state troopers if you have a wanted level & you go out of the city hores floats, dog trailers, car trailers, tipping trailers & box trailers way more assets like 40 way more safe houses like 70 if you are allowed to do things with dead bodies eg bury police should have sniffer dogs to find the dead bodies
  8. where do yous get so much money from on this site???
  9. i only saw the fake trailer today and i like it when are you going to make the next one
  10. i think they should set it in 2000's and the citys made up of vc, sa and lc and maybe even a couple more !!!
  11. if you had no weapons what about picking up sand, dirt or rocks and throwing them at people
  12. i like the idea about the the huge mansion that can store almost any vehicle in anyways health changes the player like having briuses and cuts peds scream and go crazy when you are seen with a gun some peds have modded cars instead of almost allways having normal cars a bulldozer that looks like a bulldozer front end loaders make blood more realistic when you shoot peds you can see the bullet holes when you run people over it makes the car all bloody rockets and spaceships more misc weapons better graphix caravans can hook up to cars towball on cars some peds steal money and you car off you and other peds when ever something new happen like bridge fixed or horrible weather is coming it will be in the paper instead of informing you in the left top off the screen scooters the game environment is made up of gta 3, vice city and san andreas police dogs
  13. sorry but i just said to do it yes and i need to think about what to say in posts
  14. put bomb shop on radar be able to steal petrol and get a wanted level when anything like turf wars happens some medics, cops, firefighters and news reporterswill come to the scene in there vehicles to help out or broadcast on tv being able to kidnap kids a carwash for when car gets dirty being able to mod all vehicles realistic car damage every building accesible submarines peds have real lives like go home or go to the mall lots more garage space like gta vice city being able to rob shop like in vice city way more assets like icecream factory, wheat farm hot air balloons, snow mobiles, surf boards, fire birds, borgine taxi more r3 missions:sweeper, bank, hydra, news shopper, news van, packer, baggage, firebird, raindance, bus, icecream van, limo service garbage, romeo's hearst smarter enemies, allies steal guns from ammunition but the guy at the counter rings cops and starts shooting at you
  15. worst thing would be the graphix and orange skies all the time
  16. it happens to me and one time i lost aboub 15 missions
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