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  1. tilly must have entered the "Fast Cars" or "All Sports Car" cheat code. The EUROS can also be found in the vigilante mission trick I mentioned for the Phoenix, PS2 v1.0. Phoenix cars: Euros: The NRG 500 I mentioned is actually the "surreal" one, without an engine and engine cover. Here it is:
  2. Manana appears quite randomly, in SF mostly as what the others have mentioned. Phoenix can be obtained in 1) SF race "San Fierro Hills" once the street races are unlocked upon passing the driving school and after completing the mission "Interdiction". Wait for Jethro's call about them to unlock the races. 2) From a later mission back in Los Santos, driven by a protagonist, and 3) Vigilante mission. This is the most difficult way to find this car, and I'm not sure if it can be done on the other versions of SA as well. In PS2 v1.0, the trick is to always start the mission at level 1, do this repeatedly and eventually a Phoenix will appear as a suspect. It's random and can take a very long time for the car to appear as a suspect, but it will definitely appear. This vigilante trick can also spawn other rare cars like a EUROS and the surreal NRG 500, as well as other sports cars like the Bullet and Turismo.
  3. Save the trouble of having to do so many things to lose muscle; just collect all 50 oysters and your gf, in fact, any gf CJ have will go out with him no matter how he looks.
  4. You must be driving a car or vehicle that isn't modifiable in there. Check out all the different vehicles and where they can be modded HERE to give you a clear idea which cars/vehicles are moddifiable in which mod shops, apart from Transfender. In PS2 v1.0, the only time that Transfender won't open for a compatible car is when the city the mod shop is located in isn't accessible yet.
  5. Which version of SA do you have? In PS2 v1.0, you can "spawn" more territories in the Badlands, San Fierro, Desert and Las Venturas by flying or sailing for several hours outward of the map. When you do so and then you return back to dry land by same way or by wasting CJ, save the game and then you'll see that more colored areas will appear outside of Los Santos. However, these territories will appear only once you've done missions where the territories have appeared already, like Doberman and Homecoming. Not sure if this trick works as well with the other versions or platforms of SA.
  6. MONEY. What ca you do and where can you go without it?
  7. serge


    I think some experts say that semen is nutrition pack, so I guess women who do BJ just want to be healthy.
  8. I thought the US flag now has 52 stars. Republic of the Philippines Flag Blue = For Peace. Filipinos are a peace-loving people, and during peace time, this color is at the top of the flag. Red = For Courage and Bravery. During the war, and in time of war, the red color would be at the top of the flag instead of the Blue. White Triangle = Stability Sun = Hope Eight Rays = 8 provinces that led the major revolts against the Spaniards during the colonial times. Three Stars = Three major islands that comprise the country.
  9. Yea hopefully R* would improve also on the character's control on his personal items so that would add more to the realism of the game. I'm guessing that that bag would mean Niko might have a limited weapon carry. If he can be made to pick up a weapon from inside his bag rather than magically spawn one in his hand like in the other GTAs, then that would indeed be something. Additionally, there might be, just might be, a concealed carry feature in the game, that's why the presence of the bag. Like if he goes to another location where displaying a weapon is prohibited, he might raise an alert with the cops.
  10. Just for the record, one other way you can recruit a couple of homies for the mission is to recruit them BEFORE you do the mission. When you start the mission, they'll still be with you.
  11. The bag is a new thing. The helmet can be bought from a clothing store in San Andreas, so it's note entirely new. The toll booth is almost similar to the railroad barrier in SA whenever a train is coming, or the gate at the airport.
  12. Hopefully R* would consider adding some countryside at the last minute. It was a nice and sort of refreshing transition when they did it in SA, when you go from one city to another.
  13. True, but then again you could say that Christmas is weird to celebrate because Jesus Christ isn't born every year, they say it happened a long time ago. Same thing with Easter, Thanksgiving, etc... How true. Commemorations, celebrations, thanksgivings should be done every single moment of one's life that one is alive, well and kicking. But in anycase, Happy Independence Day to all the US Americans. Without that historical event, you wouldn't be what you are now.
  14. Thanks for the welcome YellowJacket. :) Hopefully, I'll stay long in the forum.

  15. It's that Crash-like mission that you do on the first island with a Linerunner instead. The mission vehicle is located at the Vice Port, almost opposite the CAFI lot parked beside some crates. You can't miss it.
  16. Probably will do just for research purposes only. But completing the game, will never ever do that. It's a poor show of gamesmanship
  17. Thanks TFY65. I really look forward to enjoying my stay here. I seem to know quite a few of the other members here. Those guys are good.
  18. I think you're missing "Caddy Daddy", "Rush" & "Swinger's Club" which I believe are some of the additional side objectives in the PS2. Also, have you maxed out your reputation for each of the business type?
  19. serge


    I think there's one parked beside the Vice Port Pay N Spray. Or is that a Benson?
  20. Prepare yourself also for some missions that a lot of people would agree to be rather more difficult than some of the other GTA games.
  21. Hello everyone. I'm serge and it's my first time here. I've heard a lot about this place before but somehow never thought about registering here. Well I just hope that it would be an enjoyable experience joining this community. Cheers to all.
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