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  1. Thx guys, now im buildin a new "Dr.Dbl-Gee's Autos" autoshop on sketchup. I have a few screens and il soon put them up.
  2. Not dead - New Trailer and Updates on da way. The long delay was caused because of my computer braking down but luckily it got fixed and all the files were recovered! Edit - Here, as promised, is the first trailer! And here is the promised Mission list (WIP):
  3. Wassup guys, i just got back from Greece and i will post updates shortly. During my vacation i have been doin stuff for the mod on my laptob but i didnt bother posting... I did do a few little things and created a mission storyline but i have not managed to get it ingame yet (i might need an extra scripter). As soon as i get the stuff ova from my laptop i will post an update including the mission storyline.
  4. Why not? Dude stop fuckin bumping.... Its just gay and nobody will help you if you do that!
  5. Exactly, that is why im not sure if i want to bother making one. But it would be more "professional" if it had one because there are very many files. Its a TC... I will think about it.
  6. There are some i guess but its very simple because you do not need to convert the DFF model. Only the textures need to be changed but i do not know further.
  7. I will do my best to create an install script but im not sure if i will manage.
  8. I know how they made the vid. Its a simple trick but im not gonna give it away. Sorry but i played this prank on people and freaked them out, its fake, and i know how to do it.
  9. Yes its through a setup. Or its also easy through mod installer if there is an install script... Its fuckin hard to make a setup file so i doubt there is gonna be one unless somebody helps me make one. And Air, yes i already started working on gang. On Prawn Island there is already a mafia gang.
  10. Thanks but dont worry, im not gone yet. Il be gone in 6 days so i still have some time. I have made a few things like for example: Im moddin the screens and small stuff now. Soon i will move on to vegetation and other textures.
  11. This would not be hard at all to create but since its summer and im leaving to the beach i honestly cannot bother, sorry. Make a request on gtaforums and on multiple different gta gaming forums so you can get help faster.
  12. Happy birthday dude and if you can read russian - C днем рождения

  13. During a Bomb Da Base online match my friend once fell through the ship and ended up a see through area kinda inside the ship..... Its wierd but he filmed and if he sends it over to me i might put it up on Youtube.
  14. L-Ric, i meant that you shouldnt repeat yourself. All im sayin is I understand you think the punching wall glitch doesnt matter at all and meanwhile i also agree but you dont have to flame on me cuz i thought otherwise a while ago... Thats all im tryin to say.
  15. Sorry dbl post but i just want to announce that this may be dead for a while - ITS SUMMER!! So i might not bother (wasting time) moddin Vice City.... But i will not drop this. I will work on this and eventually bring the topic up again incase it dies. So expect updates not so soon.
  16. I see, if i figure out something i need for the mod, i will let you know. Thanks
  17. Me, but with a mask.

  18. thanks a lot for the offer. Do you know how to add IDE files to maps? If so you could help me solve the "Invisible buildings problem".... Im thinking of what else the mod might need in terms of maps.
  19. I think i know what might be the problem.... Maybe decompressed textures? because these are models converted from sa and strangely some textures do not load..... I cant get to this quite yet though. Don, if you could get peds, that would be awesome!
  20. Thats exelent, but are you able to model peds? Im only able to model buildings using sketchup and stuff... Im pretty avarage at scripting and i can map but its tricky with weapons and Peds. I got the cars sorted out thought. They will be SA cars.
  21. Thanks, nice to know. I admit though, i have no clue what so ever in modding SA. Exept for downloading mods made by others.... Are you into mapping, scripting, modeling or editing? Im still short on the HUD, Peds and weapons.... It be great to get some help on that.
  22. I havent played the game since i beat it last month... If i could get DLC (i got a PS3), that could be a reason to play again but im kinda tired of it for now...
  23. And 4. Why are you bringing up dead topics. But since you did and i havent looked back on this since a month i wanna ask why are people such as L-RiC so paranoide? This topic is over a month old and you have made 4 replies basically saying the same thing over and over again exept for the escalade thing which is kinda true. Big fuckin deal, some people think its perfectly okay and some people dont but you dont have to keep repeating the same thing. Your asking me why i care punchin walls but i do not understand why you care so much about proving your point here. did i ever say i could ever make a game better than IV? all i said was that they still didnt fix this one bug, no need to flame on me for that. If i kept on repeating myself, id also have about 5000 posts by now but guess what i have other things to do (NOT punching walls lol).
  24. That means something is wrong with the col files. I will check on that soon. Its either the "generic.col" or the "ghostfabric.col" Do you have moo mapper? if so i can help you.
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