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  1. That is steriotypical, not all buff guys are egoists but in this case as he says NUMBA 1, NUMBA 1 i really cannot argue against it. Still if he is as rich as he is, trust me, he is not a retard eventhough he chose steroids over his penis which was a big mistake. And that above is a joke... No need to "jesus christ" it. I cant be fucked to right more but i think you get my point.
  2. Check this shit out: lol, Brucie style! THATS HOW WE ROLL!! NUMBA 1 BAABY!
  3. Shit, thats simple, thanks, but da motherfucker Photoshop Elements 5.0 doesnt have this layer option... I ripped this off my school computers and it sucks but its the only Photoshop i have... Eventhough its not a propper photoshop..... Thanks for your help Llama, good luck with your skills!
  4. Thanks Llama! The sig is great, I gave you credit. I now learned how to make transparent backgrounds but how do you smoothen it out? is there an effect?
  5. Like most you guys id say that hes a douche BUT i think thats wrong because eventhough hes a douche hes far more successful than any of you guys or me... Look at him and then yourself... Even if he is a steriod junky, still look at the way HE ROLLS! We cant roll like that so i guess we should respect him... Eventhough i like my penis and i will never take steriods. Dont flame on him because hes better than you or me... Or because he has a small dick...
  6. I also didnt want to rush Llama with the work because this kinda stuff could be a lot of stress and since we all have a life outside forums it takes a while... I can already imagine how nice my sig will look when Llama is done. Great shop, thanks a lot!
  7. I have not looked back on this topic since i made it... Its my oppinion and i find it fucked up because in such a game simple bugs like this should not exist. I mean its next-gen shit, and punchin through walls is just retarded... If the game is meant to be realistic this should be fixed.
  8. I just updated the top. Do you guys like it?
  9. Lol, im still rank 2. Havent played since i finished it one and a half weeks ago...
  10. Its okay, lol i also ofcaurse have the test version but that does not matter since it lasts for ever. No time limit just limited functions we do not need. So its okay. Download IMG Tool and PM me.
  11. Here you go, i uploaded it here on my site in a ZIP. Thanks.
  12. alright........................... No comment.
  13. Hello. I have a pretty quick request. I tried to make a nice sig but ye... it didn't really work out as i kinda wanted it to... Could you kinda smoothen it out for me and delete the white backgound so its transparent. Maybe also improve it a bit please, i know you will do an awesome job on it. Thanks. Here it is
  14. Guys first of all, thanks for all your encouragement. The only problem is that i dont have the propper Photoshop, i have the Photoshop elements 5 or something... Its pretty annoying but its better than MS paint and i guess its alright for making small things like Userbars. Thanks, I will give you the link very soon. BTW, i am trying to change my sig because you are right, its way too noobish but i still need someone to help me smoothen it out and remove the white background. I might ask MrLlamaLlama at his shop to help me out... Sure thang man, im done and i hope you like it: URL: http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/5779/el...questbardt1.jpg Here is the Nokia 6230i userbar but i did not create this so you do not have to credit me or pay me for it. I have found it on Userbarz.com. Here you go: If you are happy with the "Eloise at the Plaza" i would appreciate 10$ for it. Thank you for requesting. Gee, thanks, Doc... I gave you more than what you ask because of that... God Bless and keep up the good work... Thanks a lot and im very glad you like it but I decided that charging people for userbars is wrong. So if you would like to recieve your money back, please tell me the amount and i will figure out how to return it to you as soon as possible. Thanks.
  15. How come as programs? Im positive i packed them in RAR zip folders. Do you have WinRar installed? Extract the zip and then you can install the map successfully. And Spider-Vice you are more than welcome to test the map! I need as many testers as possible, thanks. Vercetti Thug, I hope everything works out for you, and if you have any more problems i will do my best to sort them out for you. Try downloading the Zip files again... If it still does not work tell me.
  16. Maybe Miami (Vice City) i guess, but i think they will go for SA as there has been a lot more VC and LC stuff goin on. Or they might as well stop using previously created cities and invent a new one based on somewhere else. I doubt it will be anything outside the US though...
  17. Alright i will make a map pic because if you dont know where it is its almost imposible to find. Well it is a "ghost factory" so... lol. Anyway here i just completed the map:
  18. Sure thang man, im done and i hope you like it: URL: http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/5779/el...questbardt1.jpg Here is the Nokia 6230i userbar but i did not create this so you do not have to credit me or pay me for it. I have found it on Userbarz.com. Here you go: If you are happy with the "Eloise at the Plaza" i would appreciate 10$ for it. Thank you for requesting.
  19. Thanks for your support. I will do my best to improve further.
  20. Welcome! I just started creating Userbars and i would like to thank MrLlamaLlama for an awesome tutorial. I do not want to claim to be professional as i am still in a quite early stage but i will still do my best to complete any requests. Here are a few examples of early my work so far: A really crappy one: I have decided that i will not charge anymore. Charging for userbars is just gay and i think i will leave it up to you guys if you want to pay me or not, i dont mind. I will do my best with any requests and if you wish to give me any tipps or help feel free to comment here. Completed Requests: (1) For Huckleberry Pie: (2) For Desert Fox:
  21. Testing will not be multiplayer i guess, but im not sure yet. If the game does not crash while loading, it means you did the installation correctly. The folders "nbeachw" and "ghostfactory" go inside /data/maps. The building sites are in their usual places, around Vice Beach/bridge to Starfish Island. The factory is kinda hard to find because it does not load until you are close enough. I will put up a map soon. Prawn Island is in its usual place too, the studio island. fly a helicopter or a drive a boat from Prawn Island towards the ocean and you should find it. More updates soon.
  22. Fuck it, i already got over it. Long ago. I met Carmen and Kiki on lovemeet and in other topics i already said that they are much better than Kate anyway. It wasnt that big of a loss, now that i think about it. The only thing is that Packie is kinda hurt by this...
  23. Thanks a lot for all your positive feedback guys. I just finished the Test version. I will upload it on my website and soon a link for testers will be avalible here. If you wish to test just let me know here and i will give you credit on the final version. Any bugs or errors can also be reported to me here or on my Email. Feel free to upload any screenshots here if you wish. If there are any problems just let me know and i will try to help you out. Here is a list of sh*t i know about: - No Lods (yet) - No car spawns or script modifications (yet) - Still a lot of empty space for further models - falling through water in the swimming pool bug (hopefully will be fixed) - No HD palm trees included (yet) LINK FOR TESTERS AVALIBLE: HERE
  24. Thanks a lot man, i appreciate it.
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