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  1. No, in this beta there was no main.scm included and there also was no GPI (prawn island mod) included. You can download the GPI from my web site anyway. But by me the buildings next to starfish are fine its just the island with the factory which is screwed. Something happened to the TXD file i think. I will take care of that when im done with modeling the interiors. The GPI includes a Main.scm and you can view the trailer by clicking the link under my sig. It has a cheap mansion interior which im busy fixing right now. It looks really plain so far but i will improve it. Screenshots soon.
  2. Its pretty simple, you gotta add the files inside "add to data maps" into your vc/data/maps. Then set limits in the readme and use IMG tool to replace/add the files. Then add main.scm into the data folder. And i dunno what else there might be. Its all just replacing files really or adding them....
  3. I downloaded the file and checked out the screenies. Thanks for your effort. By now in my game i have the same problem. Something is wrong with the models files and i will replace them before final release. right now im busy fixing the mansion interior in Prawn Island. Btw, what about the building sites? are they screwed too? Because by me its just that annoying island.
  4. hmmm... thanks AIR, but this is strange cuz its also like that screenshot by me, i dunno what could be wrong with it but thanks for tellin me. Im gonna try and sort this out ASAP but meanwhile, Spider-Vice, could you post a screenshot of how it looks by you? That would be helpfull thanks.
  5. hmmm, no idea.... i havent been there in a while by me, i will check now cuz i have the same files... If its normal by me i will ask AIR to check out whats goin on by him and maybe (hopefully) we can figure somethin out...
  6. hmmm, that happend to me once, it was a lag and i was also wondering if it fucked up but after i quite and played later it was normal again... What about the building sites? check them out, if they are also fucked up then something went wrong.... Tell me when you know. BTW, sorry when i started the post your post was not there yet so i thought it would be a double post
  7. Double post I just wanted to make an update and because its something new i dont want to edit the previous post... I just want to let you guys know that im completely restyling the prawn island mansion. Now the hidden rooms are unlocked and fully accessible! I textured them and everything is perfect exept for one thing... Now that i made better lighting i gotta re-do the whole interior and i have one small texture lag which will be fixed by mapping it properly. Other than that everything is perfect. More updates soon but meanwhile il give you a screenshot: Dont worry, this is still WIP and of caurse is not the final interior! there is a lot of shit around which is still going to be removed and im gonna take care of the texture lag. Lighting is also going to be fixed.
  8. i made a few new interior but i will post screenies later... It works ingame without problems.
  9. I updated the first post, added a graphic and im still workin on this.... Soon more fresh screenshots!
  10. Thanks but i was renaming it anyway. Goodbye "Ghost Mod" and hello "Vice City Supreme"!
  11. Welcome, enjoy here and trust me, this is one of the best GTA forums on the net.
  12. I had it when i was Lvl 2, the first week IV came out and i had it with a stylish combination of a russian fur hat and some round sunglasses... Now im lvl 4 - 5. I used to run around pressing L1 and makin Zombie noises while ennoying people by flashin my sexy ass in those yellow tighties right infront their face, good old days...
  13. Hells naw, da only thing that hangs on me is my sack! IM NOT DROPPIN THIS ONE AND I WILL WORK AND WORK ON AND ON... right after i finish watchin this little porno.....
  14. Here is an update as i promissed: And thats it for now. Please comment... AND HEELLS NAW, THIS AINT DEAD!
  15. Im gonna be level 5 really soon.... But i cannot be bothered to play.
  16. Perhaps you could access some random house in IV which would seem strange and you could go into the basement and find bodies of dead people and like corpses and like blood and stuff... like the house of the LC serial killer would be cool. Like a wierd ass house, you see what im sayin?
  17. I like move around the statue. From different places there you can easily kill people. I doesnt get boring since the people keep coming and coming...
  18. Create your own server by going on Games --> Custom match --> Team Deathmatch --> Private Player Slots = 1. Set up the game like this: Map: Happiness Island Game duration: your choice... Allow Auto Aim: yes Police: best OFF Time of day: best at midnight Weather: clear Traffic: parked Blips: Team (other team cannot see you on the map) Weapons: standard Now wait for minimum 2 people to be in each team including you. This works best with more people though so you may wait for more people. Start the game. Now, as soon as you appear your goal is to get into the statue of Happiness. On your way inside you might pick up health if needed. Now go up the stairs, check if anybody is around and if not, crouch down in the middle of both stair cases. Sit there and wait... Your team-mates may position themselves to snipe or to guard the enterence into the statue but you should make sure nobody from your team goes down stairs. Now fire a few shots to kinda give the other teams a clue of where your at because they cannot see you on the map. After a few minutes people should start attacking the statue. As soon as you see somebody running up lock on them and shoot them while they do now see you. This is also an easy way of getting headshots because as your shooting from a higher point its easier to hit the head. You may also want to collect an AK 47 or an M16 before hand because it may be more usfull than a Deagle. Soon the other team will know exactly where you are and keep attacking you but you can just keep on giving them headshots as they attempt to go up the stairs. Its as simple as that. Also they have no clue where your at because the map does not display your position. Kinda cheap but easy... Try it out yourself. Easy money: Go onto Bomb da Base II and set it on hard. Its best to play with only two people so you can get more kills. Kill as many people as possible and recieve a minimum of 5000$. The most i ever earned was about 9200$ in one round. This mode makes it very easy to rank up. Good luck and i hope this helps you.
  19. They are not down they are just fucked for the while... I made the same topic on the first week the game was out cuz it just didnt connect. I even remember Air had this problem at the same time as i did like 2 - 3 days after release. I think the fuckin servers are overloaded... Edit: Just tried connecting and it also doesnt work. "Connecting to game provider..." --> "Cannot connect to game provider, Please try again later" <-- Please suck my balls.
  20. VC would be cool but id like it to be more based on the real Miami like now LC was to NY. So shortly a completely re-done map. Niko again? Nah... Id want someone new...
  21. This is not dead strangely! I was working on a vehicle for this mod but now i got back to work. I will soon rename this whole mod because im changin the whole city. Its gonna be put together with the Grand Prawn Island Mod and the rest of the small stuff i did earlier... Here is my progress: Stuff to do: Check list: ________________________________________ Overall progress 61.5% Nbeachw: Convert models from SA [x] building site 1 [x] building site 2 [x] ghostfabric.ipl [x] ghostfabric.ide [x] ghostfabric.col [x] Generic.col [x] nbeachw.ipl [x] change TXDs [ ] limits set [x] works ingame [x] prelighting [ ] Beta uploaded... Starfish island: Converted models from SA [x] ghostfabric.ipl [*] ghostfabric.ide [*] ghostfabric.col [ ] Generic.col [x] starisle.ipl [ ] change TXDs [ ] limits set [x] works ingame [x] prelighting [ ] Little Havana: models converted from SA [x] ghostfabric.ipl [ ] ghostfabric.ide [ ] ghostfabric.col [ ] Generic.col [ ] little havana.ipl [ ] change TXDs [ ] limits set [ ] works ingame [ ] prelighting [ ] Final release: Models folder [ ] cover [ ] readme [ ] Zip archive [ ] Upload [ ] Last updated 01/06/2008
  22. I personally think that most but not all of the stuff you mentioned are complete bullshit. I enjoyed the game and never had any problems with the camera, driving or playing through the story line. Eventhough i think the game is not worth 10/10, i still love it and enjoy playing it. The graphics are not excellent but is still very very good but still perhaps not as good as in crysis but that still does not make crysis a better game.
  23. Yes, thats exactly what you have to do instead of flaming the game. Go to that car site and find the pink car. As soon as you do that the number of the bitch is going to be added to your contacts, then you gotta call it and you go on a mission. And next time dont blame the game for yourself not understanding basic things....
  24. Yes, they could have improved it. After you have played most game modes a few times it gets old and there is one thing that really pisses me off which is lagging. I run over a dude and then instead of falling under my car the dude teleports while shooting next to my car and kills me in a second. Also sometimes i shoot people for 4 - 5 seconds before they even aim at me and then they just dont lose health, turn around and kill me in a second... In other servers that does not always happen though.
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