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  1. Sorry dude but this has been discovered a really long while ago.....
  2. Ayt yo, i got u an Avi: Credit me bitch! joking
  3. DOUBLE POST SORI! Air here is your brand new sig: Hope you like it bro!
  4. Ayt, AIR il do it for you bro. OOH! you need the Code for it to show under your sig! i see yo, but i cannot right the full code because it will turn into the picture Add [ IMG ] (with no spaces), then paste the link, then add [ /IMG ] (with no spaces)
  5. You mean one for the URL? http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/2221/dfoxrequestboardergn2.png
  6. Here you go man, hope you like it: Link: http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/7536/dfoxrequesthf9.png With a border: Link: http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/2221/df...tboardergn2.png
  7. I killed Francis because like most of you said, he was a bitch and his bullcrap pissed me off... Also i enjoy knowing that he is dead while i play and yes, you do get a girlfriend who can clear your wanted level and one who can heal you. I really didn't give a crap when i killed him. It was a lot harder choosing between Playboy and Dwayne.... I made a mistake there....
  8. On sites like Ebay they could actaully sell real piss water... So i dont really trust to pay money for something i produce for everyday for free... It could also be fan made, i can also make a sprunk soda with sprite inside and sell it for money on Ebay. Sounds much to me like your the one actually selling this and producing it, trying to convince us to buy it.
  9. You need to unlock his "special activities" by doin shit with him until you unlock the heli ride and the rest of shit.
  10. I was already thinking of doing that but yes Llama is right... It is kinda fucked up, because i also cant find any solution to this. And by the doors, im fucked over hard, I really dont know how to move the model joint....
  11. I dont quite get what your sayin... I made this dff and the txd, and dummies are arrangable through Zmod. Its just the doors cuz i can take care of the wheels. The dummy point is set correctly its just that the dummy intersection on the model of the door itself is not on the side but in the middle which is the problem....
  12. I will get to that asap. Gangsters as mafia or Gangstas as homies or ghetto thugs?
  13. I dont trust anything to do with free offers of the internet which involve credit cards. I think its too much of a risk. Still the offer sounds cool but i dont even think i need an extra PS3 since i have one.
  14. Thats because its a week day... Many people are busy and cannot go on our forums so there are little replies, soon people will start posting dont worry. It was quite cool but i sometimes could not understand what he was saying because he was not live in the studio with the hosts so the sound quality was not that good. On the phone though, he did not seem to have any accent at all.... Was quite cool though. Thanks!
  15. I got good news and bad news... Good news: I got the interior done. Nice and HD and i gave the car a fresh new paintjob. Also i have finished modeling some wheels and got it all into game. Here are some Zmod screens: Well ingame the UV mapping is done good but in Zmod the bumper and other parts are all red but they are actually meant to be silver which they are ingame. Bad News: Its really hard to get the dummies in place with the model (in Zmod it looks perfect but ingame fucked up)... I got this problem with the wheels and the doors... I guess i can fix the wheels quite easily but the doors might take a while.... I might need to ask for help but i think i can manage it.
  16. still it does not deserve 10/10. Its a game, just like any other game..... Its somehow cooler and better than most regular games but still there has not really been much new things you could do... Its pretty good but not even 10/10. I beat it and thats my oppinion. SA brought more new features, this was just a lot better generally but it was the same old shit, but that kinda makes it GTA.... There were only a few new features to it. SA introduced car tuning, dressing, swimming, eating, flying, buying property, working out, playing minigames, driveby, making friends, etc; This indroduced nothing new exept for the police system ripped off scarface and taking a cab and maybe a few others but still. If not multiplayer it would have not been that super.
  17. I think its the best game ever made but i also think it is over rated because no game can be 10/10. Its never perfect, and yes it is the best GTA out of the series and maybe even the best game ever made but i mean 10/10 is not possible. 10/10 is a game where you can do ANYTHING which is impossible for a video game (In our generation). Otherwise it cannot be 10/10 cuz a game cannot be perfect. I still love it but rather than 10/10 id give it 10/12 cuz its setting new standards to video games. It could even be 199/200 but not = / = (perfect). And D Fox ask MrLlamaLlama for a sig because trust me, he is the best at making graphics.
  18. Its pretty nice but until i found out how to load textures properly i couldnt figure out why the car is not textured ingame or why the game crashes sometimes. Its just a lot easier to texture it first. Well whatever if you say you can handle that then good luck with your car!
  19. Maybe a bit but it still was a pretty awesome game... I dont really think its 10/10 eventhough i think its one of the best games ever made but.... you know
  20. Thanks for your positive comments guys! hmmm, i really dont know, i want to kinda make the shape right, so its nice and long and wide and i also gotta texture it propperly so im kinda aimin for next week maybe.
  21. Sabre GTS (OZ) in HD! For this i started a new topic, eventhough there was one about a simular car previously (also by me) but as i worked on this i thought it would be a lot better to start off with a fresh topic because the other one was about a previous version of this car. Well anyway as you can see, i have been working on vehicle. Its basically an HD version of the regular Sabre OZ (previously released by me). But before i can start adding any body bits and tuning it i must first remodel the whole car to make it as HD as possible (for me). Well here is the work ive done so far: Ingame though, those parts are not red. On the top you can see the ingame screenshot. Please comment. I need to make some improvements.
  22. ude sorry but from the image i see im almost sure that you will not get this to work. If you do not texture it or load the textures while exporting it, it will crash. I advise you to texture it before you start modeling it because it will be a lot harder later...
  23. I cant stand it when people lag... I shoot for 5 seconds before they even reach me, still they dont loose a single bar of health and then kill me in like less then 1 second! Or when i run somebody over with my car they magically appear not under my car but on the side while shooting me and that pisses me off. They should fix this laggin.
  24. Just a bit till rank 4! New clothes!! It says next to your name on a server.
  25. There are 90 - 94 missions... Check how many you've done but you still have a bit to go.
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