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  1. All golds at flight school is a breeze. But if you don't want to do it that way, go to the naval base in SF. Or, actually, go to the I/E crane, and SWIM to the naval base, climb up the small pier, and there should be a hunter on the right side of the naval base (not the side of the building with the aircraft carrier)
  2. Yeah, you don't find them, they find you.
  3. The best way I ever found to get Katie home is to just get killed in SF after you meet her. About 7/10 times, she'll be there when you spawn outside her house.
  4. Actually, I prefer the Damage Proof Tahoma from "House Party"
  5. The SandKing is underneath the "Big Ear" radar dish thing in the desert. The truck that spawns outside of LV stadium is the Dune (which I really hoped could carry cars, but oh well...) for completing "Kickstart" with more than 25 points, and a BF Injection spawns next to the Dune if you get 1st place in "Dirtring"
  6. I know you can get socks + sandals or just plain sandals at binco, but I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for...
  7. I drive either a grove green bullet with a gold stripe and either twist or off road tires, depending on where I'm going. Or a grove green rancher with gold side stripe, alien spoiler and side skirts, twist or off road rims, hydros and NOS. When I'm not on an NRG, that is... hehehe
  8. I'd have to say a tie between Ryder and Pulaski. I hate pricks that run their mouth too much... Good Riddance
  9. I voted for Radio X, simply because they play the music I listened to in high school. However, I like Tommy "Nightmare" Smith on K-DST just because it's Axl Rose, and there are more than a few instances where the script has him making fun of himself... "All you need is a little patience, and a speedball" and he sounds so bored when he's announcing songs. But I'll still go with Radio X for the tunes...
  10. I won a little over 150mil at the track, I think I bet 15mil on a 10/1. God, that was a lot of button presses... (goes to pack thumb in ice...)
  11. 1) a good girl 2) 6 3) Secret Valley, and the Bridge Diner.
  12. Well, Fish in a Barrel is a cutscene, as well as Big Smoke, and Sweet and Kendl. Beat Down on B-Dup is just a bit more than a cutscene, so I don't think it should count either. As far as the remaining choices, for me it would be a tie between Fender Ketchup and Wu Zi Mu. I love the races!
  13. If GTA3 had all the features of San An, it would by far be the best of the 3. And it could have been a little bigger, too, but they know that now. Let's just see what they do with GTA PSP...
  14. Just keep up with the pack, and when you get close to the finish line, get off your bike and snipe all their heads off. You just have to watch your timer, so you don't fail for being off your bike too long. If necessary, get back on your bike, get back off, and finish shooting everybody. If you're the only living person in the race, as soon as you cross the finish line, you win. It does work, and I wish I had known about it my first time through.
  15. In order to see my pics, you have to click "pictures" on the left side of the screen the link takes you to. And where should I post them, spaz? I assumed "picture perfect" would be the place...
  16. I always used to run back and forth across the street from Hepburn Heights to St. Mark's so I could get the Mafia and the Diablos into what passed for gang wars in GTAIII. So those two would probably get my vote.
  17. I think the ending is perfect. Examples: CJ gets revenge on the guys who killed his mom (Ryder and Smoke), gets rid of the cop that's been giving him hell his whole life, without having to kill him and go to jail, becomes a gold record producer, owns 33% of a Casino, and saved his home hood from the gang wars that threatened it. How could it have been any better? He won every fight he fought, for the right reasons.
  18. With me, it's a tie between the desert and the flood control canals behind CJ's house in Ganton. Awesome stunts to be had both places.
  19. I always preferred to wait and do mine in Fort Carson. It's about the same size town, except it's all flat, even when you have to go to the outskirts of it. And the hospital is easier to get to, as well.
  20. I hated Jizzy until I figured out it's Charlie Murphy from Chappelle's Show, now I think he's hilarious. OG Loc should be executed by the first person who sees him, and I almost (ALMOST) felt bad for Big Smoke in the end. my favorite character by far is Toreno. If you've ever seen a movie with James Woods in it, he's the same character in every movie, and I think he's hilarious... "What do you want me to do with this thing now?" "Thing? What thing? You stole it! I don't know what you're talking about... see ya around Carl..." Who didn't laugh when he said that?
  21. Or maybe he took his hood down between the time we first saw him in the first screenshots and the time the game was released. He got hot. Cut a black a break!
  22. I have an ARMAX, so my favorite thing to do is put in the "bikes never blow up" and "inf armor" codes, shoot the gas tank on an NRG so it catches on fire, and then go do Unique Stunts. VERY cool effect. As soon as I get $%#$%@ batteries for my digicam, I'll make a vid.
  23. Here's the link to my screenshots that I've got so far... http://www.msnusers.com/banxter667sSanAnScreenshots Hope you enjoy!
  24. Okay, everybody agrees that Brady eats a dick as far as most things go. That's settled. Fact is: the NRG is the fastest bike in the game based on acceleration, windshear (yes this is accounted for as "drag"), and I'm not sure on this one, but I think the NRG is 50-100 kg lighter than any other bike. Numbers don't lie.
  25. 1) O.G. Joke 2) Madd Dogg could you possibly make the questions either harder, or make different levels of questions for different levels of San An experience, because these all are really elementary questions. It would be a more exciting topic if there were more of a challenge.
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