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    Your Internet Speed

    here's in my local connection. Here in Chile my isp appears only in spanish. Now tryin' in the US
  2. Bitchman9999


    The gta_vc.set saves your settings and your resolution (did i typed that correctly?) and your resolution can be changed only before starting the game.
  3. Bitchman9999

    Ban the person on top of you

    banned for joining earlier and having more posts than me
  4. [lol]Your 1 star rating made me feel sad[/lol] so now u have 2 star rating!


  6. Bitchman9999

    End of the World

    Whats this Planet X thing? It suppose to kill us? Yeah, read here I had some problems with link, follow now the link
  7. Bitchman9999

    any way to pull a trailer

    If u take a look with moo mapper, you'll notice that those trailers aren't dinamic objects, they r part of the ipl file, so, it's totally impossible unless u create a trailer as a car that use those unused car ids and give it a handling and default.ide ids and configuring em, give it wheels and then perform an .SCM coding (too hard work!). unless someone do this, will never move some of these trailers
  8. Bitchman9999

    End of the World

    I recently had some dejavus, and they are like one every 2 days. If the planet x doesn't kill us, this overheating world will do it, u know, the poles will melt and the water level will raise a lot. all that cold water will come and it will star freezing our world. It will take out some cities, and that'll b the end. that's what i think
  9. Bitchman9999

    which site do you use

    None, they're all lame... i dislike these webpages. I have a myspace but i used it once. Me too
  10. Bitchman9999

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    Like Mr.Manetti, i love GTA 3 but i disliked: the dark feeking of the city, the weather, the gta 3 guy's name was unknow 'till san andreas so he's called Claude, Claude couldn't speak, it was impossible to swim and u drowned quickly, and the radio stations are too short, i feel like the same song is playing over and over...
  11. good work with the "special cars appear mod". I liked it

  12. Bitchman9999

    I need weapons as pickups

    Yeah, of course. i've been there so many times and never noticed 'em. Nothing to discuss, so anyone close the topic
  13. Bitchman9999

    I need weapons as pickups

    OK the topic name explains it, so i'll wait till someone answers this. Where i can get a tec9 or a spaz as pickup?
  14. Come on just name me your favorite radio and hoster. if anyone has a topic with the same content TELL ME!!! i've already voted
  15. Bitchman9999

    any way to pull a trailer

    wtf explain better i couldn't understand.
  16. BITCH U SHOULD GET BANNED FOR WAAREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Bitchman9999

    Favorite radio hoster and favorite radio

    That topic was done before i even know of the existence of this webpage, so i even didn't know of the existense of that topic. I registered in august, then i started posting in middle of september.
  18. Bitchman9999

    POLL what is YOUR criminal rating

    I didn't exagerated, i got my Butcher rating after completing teh game
  19. Bitchman9999

    I need weapons as pickups

  20. Bitchman9999

    help with criminal rating

    If u want high rating don't spawn cars!!! THAT DROPS A LOT YOUR RATING TILL U GET TO -10000 TOTAL LIAR!!!! And if u ask, my rating is Butcher (like 12000 points).
  21. Bitchman9999

    animal abuse

    OMG i couldn't believe what my eyes watched. i didn't see the whole video, too much. i agree with you, this thing gotta end. And talking about killing animals 4 food, that's natural, not bad. they make the hamburgers at mc donald's
  22. At least someone rated me 1

  23. Bitchman9999

    You are a..

    You are a Very large condom who likes to end life of trees LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried again: You are a sexy bastard who likes to touch vibrators Tried again!!! You are a lazy airport who likes to kiss rocks
  24. Bitchman9999

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    This is the city you mean?
  25. Bitchman9999

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Yes you're right, but that was the easiest place to found the poster and to take a pic with my confy camera. And in one of Ryder's missions when you gotta rob your first house, in the bedroom of that guy is another Candy Suxxx poster