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  1. Alright smart arse, allow me to narrow it down for you: 'I have no idea, I don't buy Rockstar games anymore' If you don't buy them then how are you going to know what the social club community is like? You are not because funnily enough ROCKSTAR social club is only available on games made by ROCKSTAR. Ergo, if you do not buy games made by ROCKSTAR then you wont be using ROCKSTAR social club will you? Better luck next time
  2. Turn it the other way around and you're correct. Don't know, feels like Games For Windows Live 2.0 except the serial keys aren't universal... or are they? I honestly have no idea, I don't buy Rockstar games anymore.
  3. What? Social club is nothing like games for Windows Live. Firstly it works, secondly it's not annoying as hell, thirdly it feels more like a community than Windows Live.
  4. You do realise in the real world there are criminals who commit crimes for no reason other than they feel like it right? Criminals don't necessarily need stimuli Has Rockstar ever listened? Anyway crews are fine but I can't quite figure out the difference between them and clans... As far as I am aware they synonymous Yes, but I am really getting bored (which I also think many of the players in front of the screen have got) of killing people and my drunk driving...the physics engine in GTA IV ver was absolutely stunning, my heart ached when pedestrains crashed under my wheels.... I hope to see sth different in the coming version of GTA. Can I just lock my car??? You must be the first person to find paying rent and taxes and locking your car interesting, this all boring mundane stuff that we do in our everyday lives, why would we want to be doing that when we are playing a video game, which for the majority of people, is a break from our everyday lives You do realise in the real world there are criminals who commit crimes for no reason other than they feel like it right? Criminals don't necessarily need stimuli Has Rockstar ever listened? Anyway crews are fine but I can't quite figure out the difference between them and clans... As far as I am aware they synonymous Yeah so what's all the fuss about? Max Payne 3 isn't he first game to officially support clans... I must say I do like the revamped social club and whilst R* are not the first people to invent the whole clan thing I do like the way they have tied it to the social club. I never really rated R* social club but since the revamp I must say I am a fan
  5. You do realise in the real world there are criminals who commit crimes for no reason other than they feel like it right? Criminals don't necessarily need stimuli Has Rockstar ever listened? Anyway crews are fine but I can't quite figure out the difference between them and clans... As far as I am aware they synonymous
  6. I am not sure including something as mundane as paying rent and taxes in a video game will be a particularly good selling point... On topic: great video, I really enjoyed seeing just how far Rockstar have come with the series since San Andreas
  7. So I have heard that Microsoft are discontinuing windows live and all of its associated applications. I was wondering if any of you have: A. heard about this and B. Have any idea about what's going to happen to games that run on games for windows live? Personally I am quite glad that Windows live is being discontinued as I have only ever had trouble with it.
  8. For one thing I liked the gang banger theme of SA and since Los Santos is based off of LA which is the unofficial gang capital of the U.S. then it's a fitting setting. The GTA games' main themes are crime and violence so why not have a player or NPC that does that pretty much all the time. Besides it wouldn't be a remake, more of a sequel. Ever heard of those? Direct sequels? I don't think it can get more boring than that. You're like a five year old that keeps asking his father "what happened next???" so that the bedtime story never ends. Learn to let go. San Andreas might have been the best GTA but it wasn't the only good one, if they keep making GTA San Andreas sequels there will never be a better one. By the way you might want to check what "gang bangin" means I don't understand why wanting to know 'what happened next' is bad thing.... Also gang bangin' is a perfectly legitimate word to use in the context of hanging out with ones 'homies' and partaking in gang related activities. It also happens to be a term used for sexual activities undertaken in a group, however given the the forum we are on and the topic of the thread I think it would be fairly safe to say that in this context 'gang bangin'' refers to the former if your mind instantly thinks of the latter then that sort of says something about you now doesn't it? Anywho, I would quite like to see the occasional homage to San Andreas but I wouldn't want it as a major theme of the game, I mean San Andreas is for me the best GTA game to date so I wouldn't want anything in V to ruin that experience for me. It would be weird to not have some throwback to San Andreas but I don't want it rammed down our throats.
  9. It would be pretty cool to have different kinds of dog breed. I do hope there is no tedious compulsory dog walking mission though.
  10. If you are talking about PC games being more expensive, you are wrong, console games are a lot more expensive than PC games. If you meant it is more expensive due to PC components being expensive then yeah that's true but at the end of the day you pay more for higher end performance. I mean I built my PC about 3 years ago now and it will still out perform any console on the market. I guess at the end of the day it's swings and round-a-bouts, console gamers pay less for their machines but get charged more for their games, PC gamers pay more for their machines but less for games. Console gaming is more convenient for some people but (on the whole) you get better performance out of PC games. It's all down what you want/can afford. Also consoles are no longer exclusive to gaming, they are gaining more and more PC-like functionality for example you can have apps like youtube on your console, they have built in web browsers and I know that on the PlayStation3 you can browse your network for media servers and play videos and music from anyone connected to your network (provided the permissions are set right)
  11. Skrillex and Damian Marley - Make it bun dem
  12. It wouldn't make a massive difference to my life, it would just be inconvenient every now and again when I fancy a cheeky MacDonalds or KFC but I don't eat fast food anywhere near enough for the closure of these restaurants to be annoying
  13. Well this thread has become somewhat repetitive and truth be told you are starting to bore me with your hypocritical nonsensical ramblings so I will say adieu and goodbye
  14. He's a moron in case that wasn't obvious enough. Just because you believe something to be a fact doesn't mean that it is a fact
  15. You realise you could have just edited your first post, as opposed to posting another 2 times right? Just saying
  16. Of course the Houser's were gunna be involved, do you not think that they are involved with most if not all projects undertaken by Rockstar? I did look it up actually and yes Max Payne 3 had contributions from pretty much if not all of the Rockstar studios but was deved mainly by Rockstar Vancouver. In my opinion I would not say that this suggests that any projects the other studios had on the go at the time got neglected as I think Rockstar are one of the better game studios out there, I have yet to play a game deved by Rockstar that I did not think was top notch. Having said that I haven't played every single game made by Rockstar by a long chalk. Also I am not getting revolted or personal at all, as far as I am concerned we are just having a debate, you are the one getting personal with your whole 'oh you guys are just fanboys' routine.
  17. You must lack a serious amount of brain cells buddy, read carefully: JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY THEY ARE FACTS DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE. Got that? Good. Rockstar didn't spend five years developing GTA V. Nobody knows how much they spent but if my guess is correct, and if we take into consideration the fact that Max Payne 3 was also in development in this time, and the fact that GTA IV (which is also the base for GTA V) took three years to develop, I'd say they spent about two years on GTA V at best. Because they made one game that didn't get a PC release? No, and iif you'd have read what I said before you'd know that's not what I said. But I guess that's too much to ask of ignorant fanboys. @Bold: You do realise that Rockstar have several dev teams who work on different games right? Max Payne 3 was deved by Rockstar Vancouver, Grand Theft Auto V was deved by Rockstar North so your point doesn't really stand up... @Underlined: I am not a fan boy at all I just happen to have opposing opinions to you, I am not sure why you are getting to uptight about it...
  18. So this question is aimed at the Americans on this forum, what do you guys think the likelihood of Obama successfully passing law to reduce the amount of ammunition you can buy and prohibiting the sale of assault rifles?
  19. Because they made one game that didn't get a PC release?
  20. Really guys!? I hate the cold so much, temperatures in England are around freezing point at the moment and I fucking hate it, I would much rather be somewhere warm right now. The only time I ever want to be somewhere cold is the few days around Christmas, otherwise it just wouldn't feel like Christmas but other than that give me a tropical island any day of the week!
  21. You are absolutely right Huck. Video games don't make people turn around and think 'oh wait, you know what would be a good idea? Shooting a load of 6 year olds' there is definitely something inherently wrong with a person for them to do that, something caused not by video games but by deep mental issues. It is crazy how certain members of the American public are condemning video games over these shootings but still don't see how being able to buy assault rifles used to equip your army off the shelf is a bad idea. Personally I hope that Barack Obama manages to pass the gun control laws he is suggesting, I mean Clinton managed it in the 90s until Bush took over.
  22. Do you no feel though that you are sort of doing part of Microsoft's job for them? I mean if you are happy with it then great, tha'ts all that counts at the end of the day what I was saying was I would feel a bit cheated if I had spent that much money on an OS that I then had bug fix... Personally I don't think I will be rushing out to get win8 anytime soon maybe if they release a service pack that makes it more user friendly on a desktop then I will consider upgrading.
  23. For the record, I never called you a communist. There is a difference between 'are you a communist?' and 'you are a communist' hint: one of them is a question the other is a statement of fact, given your high command of the English language I thought you would have been able to figure that one out. Also you managed to completely ignore the fact that these companies are not forcing people to buy their products. It is Rockstar and Microsofts (and anyone else for that matter) decision how they run their business, what their quality of products are like and how much they charge for them just as it is equally up to the individual whether or not they buy those products. Bottom line: don't like the product or think it isn't worth the price tag, news flash: don't fucking buy it
  24. The point is though, you would expect the the operating system to not require you to download and install fixes to make it usable, especially not at Microsofts prices. If a feature of the OS is unusable or difficult to use owing to a flaw in the UI design then the OS is a failure
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