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  1. so GTA V is set San Andreas :D

  2. LDoubleU

    Bully 2?

    If this turns out to be true that would be fantastic, I really enjoyed Bully (or Canis Canem Edit as it was called in England).
  3. This sounds like an amazing idea. In GTA V they could do it so you just get Los Santos to play around in, then in the first DLC you get Los Santos, the badlands and San Fierro and then in the final DLC you get access all areas.
  4. Well it's safe to say that this is now the most anticipated video game of my whole entire life...
  5. It is possible that it has more than one meaning however the one I understand is the one I posted earlier
  6. ^Not a bad guess Jace, a teaser trailer is a likely prospect
  7. less than 24 hours till the first GTA V trailer is released :D

  8. has finally completed Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on veteran difficulty

  9. Yes however I don't think you know how to use it.
  10. Actually I believe road rash is where someone has been unfortunate enough to be knocked off of their motorcycle (or had some similar accident) and has then slid along the road causing very serious and nasty burns on their body. On topic: My favourite racing game has got to be Need For Speed: Most Wanted. I think it is the best out of the whole NFS franchise. It had the most to offer in terms of vehicle customisation, vehicle choice, it was very good for police pursuits (the bounty system was very well done) and had a very nice and big open world to just drive around.
  11. New favourite film that I have only seen recently despite its insane popularity, Pulp Fiction
  12. I don't think you can go into the bathroom in CJs house, and even if you can I am pretty sure that your video doesn't show a bathroom or a ghost of CJ's mum, or anything out of the ordinary in CJs house.
  13. Halloween, take 2 - now going as Jack Skellington.

  14. Why oh why are there so many good games being released soon, I mean Battlefield 3 came out the other day, next week Uncharted 3 come out as does Modern Warfare 3 followed by Skyrim and assassins Creed Revelations! Clearly the gaming industry want to bankrupt me and make me fail my degree =/

  15. So where exactly in that video was the ghost of CJ's mum?
  16. http://steamcommunity.com/id/trialbyfire91
  17. Really? See I have heard loads of mixed reviews about this game, some of my mates have got it and have said it's great, another of my mates spent about an hour half trying to install it but it kept giving him really shitty error messages. I don't have it I was just curious as to whether any of you guys did and what you thought about it, I am considering getting it after Christmas, but it is a toss up between BF3 and MW3. You got it on PC Chris? If I got it, I would get it for PC because I generally prefer first person shooters on PC.
  18. just listened to the acoustic version of 'Do it like a dude' by Jessie J on Spotify. Oh my God it is amazing

  19. So BF3 has been released, who is got it?
  20. Am I going blind or something? Could someone please point out to me where exactly on the logo there is a dollar bill? Because all I am seeing are the words "Grand Theft Auto" a green V and a "banner" around the V with "FIVE" written on it (yes it has been noted that the word "FIVE" shares a similar if not identical font to the font used to print the amounts on dollar bills and pound notes) but I genuinely don't see any bills at all.
  21. I have always like the idea of getting a tattoo, I even know what I would get but unfortunately I am a haemophiliac so I can't really have any... Your tat is pretty awesome though Spaz.
  22. The only connection it has is that the green on the logo could possibly be a reference to grove street, which was one of my original thoughts however, I am leaning more to the idea that the green is just a money reference
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