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  1. Because the Housers are a couple of greedy assholes and Microsoft is your usual evil company that would rather sell more garbage than one good product, even if that product is popular as all hell and was proven to take them to the top. I don't believe you because I have no idea what the fuck you're saying. "All their own"? Is that even an expression? @Bold: Are you a communist? If you are fair enough but from what I have read of your posts on this forum you seem to be opposed to anyone how makes a profit. Also Microsoft are not some evil company at all. I is up to the individual to decide what operating system they want, Microsoft do not stand and put a gun to their head. @Underlined: Not understanding what he says is not a reason to not believe him. That is just ignorance on your part. To conclude you appear to be an immature individual who is closed minded towards views and opinions that differ from your own. I suggest you do some growing up pretty quicky
  2. I am not sure why Microsoft do this... It seems that they go through a development process of releasing a pretty damn good OS (XP), then they announce their new OS (Vista) which turns out to be real pain in the ass, they realise they have fucked up so they announce their latest OS (7) which is essentially the previous OS but better and without all the bullshit and now they have announced 8 and its terrible for desktops. What goes in their offices every other iteration? Do they get cocky and carried away? Still I am fairly certain I wont be getting windows 8 I will just wait for their next OS which based on past experience should be fantastic.
  3. Holly talking about a picture she took of Bedford river: "look if you saw that on the internet and you weren't from Bedford that could be anywhere... It could be Venice" you know she definitely didn't grow up in Bedford

  4. Such a good 3 days great to catch up with old friends

  5. I personally would like to see some dubstep introduced to the radio stations in V, maybe have like an elctro/dubstep station?
  6. That is a very subjective point of view. I like SOME rap music. Anyone here heard of a band called Flobots? They are awesome, they rap but they rap about meangingful things, they have a political message. Eminem is one of my favourite solo artists, some of his songs are distinctly awful namely some off of the 'Encore' album but a lot of his songs are also meaningful, you can tell by listening to them he has put a part of himself into the song, he even has the ocassional inspirational song. Anyway... There's not really a lot of music I wont listen to really, I enjoy rap, rock, metal, pirate metal, dub step, drum and bass, house, garage all sorts really.
  7. I have to say I have not really played to many different FPS's. I have played CoD loads and loved it, yeah there have been some shitty iterations (World at War, Black Ops) but I have not played any other online FPS that I prefer. Most of my friends tell me that I am a moron for preferring CoD over Battlefield, but I honestly do not enjoy playing Battlefield, maybe because I haven't played it an awful lot and haven't really given it the time to adjust from CoD but it didn't really make me want to keep playing like CoD does as for the others on the list Counter Strike annoys the hell out of me unless I am playing on a private server with my friends (and even then it pisses me off because they are all better at it than I am ). I played Medal of Honor: 'cap that Jap'. I called it 'cap that Jap' not because I am racist but because I can't remember what the name of it is for the life of me and thats what Llama and I called it back when we used to play it on PS2, that was great fun but the AI did have an affinity for jumping all over the place which, I guess, made it funnier to play. The rest of them I have never played. Edit: It might possibly be called Medal of Honor: Rising Sun....
  8. San Andreas had British in it.. Vice City had British.. Including the radio stations. In fact, even GTA IV has British in it.. Sure in GTA IV you hardly you see them, but they are there (and what about ricky gevis, eh? last time i checked.. He's British). So im pretty sure this one will have as well considering every past GTA game have had British. Bring back danny dyer, thats what I say Right well seeing as i made that post 3 years ago I can't be sure what I meant by it but I am sure I was referring to the playable character not NPC's. I am well aware that R* has included NPC's of various races and nationailities in their games.
  9. finally united back at the top of the league however short a stay it may be...

  10. so apparently you don't get a bursary from the university if you are only re-taking failed modules and are as such considered a part time student despite having the same living costs as full time students... That seems fair...

  11. has just got timeline... Looks good and i guess would be nice on a nostalgic day...

  12. is done done done for christmas! Last assessment handed and got my IS essay back, 60% more than I was expecting from that one!

  13. 'What's in your alleways? Recycling bins? Or bullet cases?'

  14. no word of a lie, I have literally slept through sunday woke up about 10 minutes ago

    1. Ivan


      Respect my man.

  15. XML assignement done. All i have left to do before the end of term is finish off this set theory assessment. Happy days

  16. In reference to sebastian from the little mermaid;Me: so why is he a rasta?Helen: coz he is a crabOf course...

  17. has just seen the advert for gordon ramseys christmas cook-a-long, what a bastard lol

  18. Congratulations once again to James Gauci and Jonathan Gauci on their graduation day

  19. I agree with Vasco, I mean sure not everyone is going to like every station in GTA IV but there was enough there to hold my attention, and in fairness Rockstar know that they can't cater for everyone, hence the introduction of independence FM and before that the custom user soundtrack in San Andreas. So really if you don't like any of the radio stations in the game (which I find very difficult to believe) just use independence FM. On a side note I must say that the soundtrack I have liked the most so far has got to be San Andreas, k-Rose and Radio X where simply amazing (plus the ocassional Radio Los Santos, the DJ i forget his name, amused me, as did the Radio X DJ).
  20. Essay almost done, just over 1000 words and just my conclusion to write, not too shabby :)

  21. Had a great masturbation session whilst Helen was out shopping.

  22. LDoubleU


    Obvious troll is obvious
  23. Info Sys Lecture cancelled, rest of the day off? Oh wait no I have an Info Sys essay to write...

  24. A nice idea, possibly a banker who, due to the recession has been laid off? And as such has turned to crime?
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