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  1. Derp herp. 'Sup?

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    2. JustADummy


      I noticed, and I didn't apply because I noticed there was already a Brazillian portuguese translation, and in basic terms, it's about the same.

      I've also been good, just haven't been around too much; we should really get all the older members together again one day.

    3. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      I'm fine, as always.

    4. BlackListedB


      Where did you uncover that mention of GTA V coming to PC, was that fabricated??

  2. In Soviet Russia, space explores you

  3. Ugh. Bored, and apparently I didn't update my status since after I got Max Payne 3!

  4. Max Payne 3 is hella awesome. And a very well made PC port. Congrats R*.

  5. zup evo? hows life?

  6. Weekends y u so good but boring!

  7. Yo dude, been long!

    1. Alvas.


      Has it, really? : P

    2. JustADummy


      Oh man, you're still around! Haven't been here almost at all, how's it going?!

    3. Alvas.


      Half a decade has passed man, but I nostalgia makes me come back here oh so very often. This is where it all started. I'll PM you my email ID.

  8. What is this I don't e... GTA V! /nerdgasm

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    2. JustADummy


      Honestly I was like 'wtf?' at first when the R* site was replaced by a logo :P

    3. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      I was like "This is too good to be real, they must have hacked R*'s site :o"

    4. JustADummy


      Same, I thought it was a hack until they put the website as normal.

  9. Happy birthday man

  10. is bored as fuck.

  11. Yup ;) And your first comment since 2010 xD

  12. sup man? we don't talk for a long time, if you still remember me that is lol

  13. hey dude, long time no talk, sup with life?

  14. has got a new screen, though its only 2" bigger, it's better. And for free.

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    2. Damjan


      HD porn.What else did you think?

    3. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      Oh. Yes, that makes it really useful.

    4. JustADummy


      1080p porn awesome

  15. hey again.

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    2. Samil


      Is it that season people are returning to the site?

    3. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      Probalby is. Anyway, I guess SV never left the site, did he?

    4. JustADummy


      I don't visit it as frequently though. Used to be a daily visitor :P

  16. I'm fine too, easter vacations and stuff. boring.

  17. Haha no problem, how are you these days?

  18. Hey man, you been missing or something? D:

  19. Happy birthday Matt dude.

  20. LOL PayneKillers has been colonised by spambots...

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    2. rockstarrem


      Finally cleaned though.

    3. JustADummy


      Better to say "Finally my laziness has went away and I've cleaned the damn thing"? :P

    4. JustADummy


      actually it hasn't been cleaned lol, they keep appearing