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  1. Hey. Been a long time with no comments, here it is.

  2. Babies/toddlers can't post! :o

  3. Hey baby Slyde, happy 2nd bday! :P

  4. Sure, you can send me a PSN request. But I play on PSP. :P

  5. Here's a tip: don't answer to people who bumped old topics. It's because of that too you're Restricted.

  6. Nope, there was really an earthquake. As you see Portugal has a lot of 'dangerous' places:


  7. yes you can haz swine flu. :P Sup, Evoz?

  8. I'm fine, Scott. Thank you, been on exam season, which sucks.

  9. No Ash, the store is gone. When the gang scene comes it may be recoded but now it was just a waste of time.

  10. You. wtf u doing here. :o lol

  11. You hate me, I don't hate you, still happy bday.

  12. Did you actually BUY 3Ds Max? :P

  13. You're tired of dancing for a long time, Sherm. :/ :P

  14. Hey. I see you like thales100's pictures a lot :P I wish my PC could run IV like that. And congratz on promotion.

  15. congratz on the promotion, mate :)

  16. I'm fine Thomas. Being rep raped (abused) :P And so are you, but positively *looks at admin team*

  17. Deji u nub get back to TGTAP NAO.

  18. Sry for teh late comment. lets group sechs NAO.

  19. Thanks, Also, it's my thought xD

  20. Fucking nice SSD you have there. Give me one now. :P

    Also, my burst rate isn't much slower :


    But yes, my HDD sucks. And it's a 7200RPM SATA 3 or 2. idk. I only need more money.

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