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  1. Why are the Mendez brudders minor? They fucking killed Louise! I voted Catalina as well.
  2. Anybody whose name is raybob95 is a true jackass. Oh what a coincidence! Intel Core i7 965 ASUS Rampage II Extreme ATI 4870X2 Corsair 6GB DDR3 2000MHz(?) PC316000 PCP&C Turbo 1200W PSU WD VelociRaptor 300GB 10k RPM Coolermaster Cosmos S RC-1100 Creative X-Fi Elite Pro Dunno how much that is, I know the 965 is 1k USD.
  3. I just saw this a few minutes ago and I think you will agree that it looks awsumz. Remember to watch in HD if you can.
  4. Like those terrorist looking ones? With the black spots and shit on it? Loads of people in my school have them.
  5. Umm.. usually just a Nike hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and a Nike tee and my Adidas Superstars. Yeah, I'm a real chav. I want that new Carbrini hoodie fucking NAO.
  6. GTA Don

    Worst PC

    I can't remember my first PC, wasn't really interested in PC's back then but it was a Dell. I still remember that horrible logo at night...
  7. Is Adios the US equivalent of Adidas or something?
  8. I would go GTX 260 Core 216. Cheaper, and as good as the 280. If you have the money, buy 2 and go SLI. JUST MAKE DAMN SURE THAT YOU HAVE GOOD COOLING. IV doesn't even support SLI. There's no need for it just now.
  9. And not one of those 400 posts were spam. Be proud of yourself, this is great achievement, bobray59.
  10. Well, that's what I was sort of aiming for, but fucking ObjectDock is just annoying.
  11. It should do it automatically. I only have like 128mb on this onboard chip and it automatically allocated 1GB of my RAM for video. Check dxdiag.
  12. That will be fine, but definitely go for a 4870X2 or GTX280.
  13. It's still a WIP. Ignore the dock, I'm still trying to figure out how ObjectDock works and the wallpaper will be changed soon as well. I'm happy with it for now.
  14. GTA Don

    Worst PC

    I don't know why people still have CRTs. 19" LCDs can go for as low as 80 quid here.
  15. I was playing LittleBigPlanet a few mins ago. Fun game, can get a little boring. Now I'm playing GTA IV.
  16. I can't remember but I think that the DS links your stats to the Social Club so if you're cheating, WE THEY WILL KNOW. It's ok if you don't want to be flagged as a cheater.
  17. Probably the oxygen supply or something.
  18. I'm with Matt on this one. What exactly have they lied about? Admittedly, I don't read a lot of PS3 news but I do still visit a lot of gaming sites. The PS3 has just as good games as the 360. MGS4, Resistance 1 & 2 and Killzone to name a few. Street Fighter IV is also coming out soon.
  19. You already have an Xbox, no? And a 50" TV? Live is pretty cool I guess, I've never had a chance to play it properly, just in-store demos and shit. I know it has parties, ability to play online, download media, watch movies with Netflix(?) etc. and tons of other shit. I'm considering getting an Elite too, just for the DLC. Oh and for the record, Yahoo Answers is bullshit.
  20. I am so glad my bro is getting this game. Chris, did they mention how many missions or hours of gameplay there would be? I'm guessing not a lot because of the DS low storage capacity.
  21. Check out the gameplay vids on GameTrailers, it's not pre-rendered. Or, just play the demo and see for yourself. You don't think the PS3 has the potential to be able to have games like this?
  22. Shit happens. People change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. I've never loved anyone like that, it's just too weird especially at my age.
  23. lulz. Just right click on the image and click properties. Not that hard.
  24. This is completely unrelated just like the two posts above me but Someguy, your sig is way too big. Maximum allowed is 500x200.
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