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  1. Is it just me or does EA try to ruin everything for me, i mean they tried to take over T2 and now there going to cancel one of my favorite franchise's other grand theft auto. What a shame..
  2. VCPR Wasn't crappy in vice city, maurice chavez would always make me laugh. And I don't get how the Songs Were "Crappy" in the original vice city, the game had some of the greatest songs of the 80's.
  3. Nice job on the first vid but it would of been better if you put some gamplay
  4. Sadly my cousin works at one and the answer is yes and no. But here's somthing wierd that happened like a couple of weeks ago, me and my cousin were talking and a kid came in and tried to steal a dildo!!!
  5. Dude big mistake, don't ever save with that code. Like How Gazbaii said its jacks up that mission where you have to save mad dog, so there's no choice but to restart the game
  6. I remember Lance saying somthing about my "My Dead Brother's White Lady" which he is reffering to louise
  7. Ability to go to san andreas, That would be awsome
  8. Yes sadly this will be the last appearence of Solid snake
  9. @SupremeD;

    PSP Help

    Thank you guys very much, I got it
  10. Death Titanic two the surface jackass family guy south park TBS CNN News video Ryan Dunn Bam Margera Johnny Knoxville Wee-man Steve-O Preston Lacy Dave England Danger Xbox-360 Jetblue Delta United American AIrlines Earth Google Ask full speakers car mustang GT Saleen The Boss Cobra Coupe V6 3.8L V8 Ford SVT Exhaust Dual Flowmaster SLP Loudmouths Axe Bod Remote School Football baseball soccer Tv South Carolina New York Gamecocks DVD MPG player control crank that fat boy with guns 9/11 twin towers world trade center jumpers 9/11/01 WTC Jumpers America U.S.A Under Attack The Big Apple Charlotte Airport ATL Orangeburg Myrtle Beach Monitor Tower Nickelodeon Spongebob Bowl Cutt CBK CKY Airhorn car wal-mart pnd water lake ocean grass myspace youtube metacafe chris crocker sun sunshine snake VCR fan clothes holister eagle cards magic tricks cool awesome fun funny music weird stuff games blogging sports science and technology education news politics automotive comedy humor intrumental instructional bat house arrest paper notebook porn ass booty butt boobs tits breast xxx lesbian hott sexy girls tight jeans long train cup plastic yellow blue red green orange gold purple white silver black gray emachines windows XP pro 2000 Vista ME 98 beer rednecks hunters bullfrog fox deer meat hunting forestry Agriculture Art English spanish Pe Jump Jumping Chicken Ham Turkey peas rice chinese Iraq Explorers Robots Scary Movie 1 2 3 4 Waiting Criss Angel David Blaine Street FIghts fighting spray wash fast bookbag flipping teaching teacher chalk marker Jeff foxworthy Bill Larry the cable guy ron white tartor salad heres your sign upload Afraid Dark calendar back front chest eyes nose heart cancer Aids amazing sad spanish lowes Home depot sears food comer came come charger cell phone miss SC USC Tennessee North Carolina Florida Jersey Panthers view sweet brook cougars edisto primary cat dog sand jaws chief salad taco sexy back crap dumb prison jail cops trunk truck smoke pencil eraser fur radio tweeters candy Jason voorhees Michael Myers Chucky leprachaun Tim Mcgraw Jimmy Buffet Elton John Ted Turner Shop Boyz Dem Lil Sausce chips backed bank baked morning afternoon night evening supper dinner brunch breakfest midnight go where drink ice cream fruit vegatables stuff bear brown UPS Fly Flight FSX chart channel lazydork lonelygirl fridaynightlights321 fatvids vaccum guy woman women men man PSP playstation primetime dress shoes new balance nike sketchers k-mart skirt kilgus family book libre blose exit search sink bath socks telephone guitar hero musem natural history dance sing idol french war 2000 africa starburts chococlate bed undershirt refresh soft picture chris rock dreams maker Monk Jag Everybody loves raymond Law and Order Ray pillow ate eat stadium hope coke mellow yellow slap road walkers pizza charleston stomach growling hurt ouch mail yahoo computer rose pedal flower mcdonalds burger king wopper sandwich drugs Tacos Lobby waiting dinner cougars Dr. Pepper bud light bill gates donald trump microsoft commercial tie field goal tackle colts new england superbowl computer promotion work smosh right left pranks gags haha sweet candy chocolate channgel remote mute edit movie maker Chaplain explosion truth conspiracy hilary clinton bush president white house pentagon business building build sex huge small maple cheese nips savor steak pork meat area 51 lonleygirl15 lazydork peace stem ivy forestry english king emperor smoke smoking aces high bass thumb tool hammer volume bird puberty learning community heko web internet world delta united american US airways jetblue contiental southwest northwest airline airport miami vice halo guitar hero real UFO bigfoot loch ness new york orange county hair dumb and dumber hostel scary haunted ghost demon hill coke pepsi forest gump WWF WWE Smackdown birthday singer idol cake chemistry science lab gloves goggles boots skirek old young desert icy hot topic converse crip walk roy orangeburg cordova snow tornado ice sleet weather peaches apple fruit banana grapes
  11. Actually the lady on the car is Alex shrub's wife, And the girl with the rockstar logo is a hooker in the game
  12. @SupremeD;

    PSP Help

    I'm confused cuz there's 5 removable disc's!!!
  13. @SupremeD;

    PSP Help

    I'm trying to upload a wallpaper on to my psp
  14. @SupremeD;

    PSP Help

    then what else?
  15. @SupremeD;

    PSP Help

    Instructions:Turn on your PSP and select usb connection under the settings item in the cross media bar. A new folder should pop up. For some reason the folder isn't popping up, can sombody please help me
  16. Wikipedia said if you chose deal, :'( I chose so i'm glad
  17. that voice doesnt really fits in for Claude. But its best if Claude doesnt have a voice. Thats just him.
  18. They already made a topic for this
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