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  1. unless you're using HD sound output (through either HDMI, optical, or coax) the sound will be analog output. dont try and change it. there should be a option to change it back, if not you have two options 1. uninstall and reinstall sound drivers (99.99% should work) 2. system restore (MIGHT work) so its realtek hd obviously (its very common) but you need to find the exact model number, check Device Manager (run-> devmgmt.msc) Thanks That Helped Alot! And If A Mishap Like This Happens Again I'll Remeber To Come Back To This Useful Resource . Again Thanks Both Of Ya'll For The Help !
  2. Okay So I Was Editing Files In Aduacity And I Had Wanted To Make The Audio Louder So I Brought Up Realtek HD Audio Manager . I Really Don't Mess With Computers That Much , But I Pretty Sure I Did Something Bad . Cause From That Point On I Can Hear NOTHING From My Computer . I Even Tried Plugging In Earphones But I Still Can Not Hear Nothing . When I Bring Up Digital Output , There Is A Checkmark And I Before It Was Never There . On The Speakers Out Put There Is A Bar That You Can Select: Select Default Device, And Select Communication Device . On Digital Output I'm Not Able To Click On The Bar . And I Think That Is The Problem . So Can Anyone Help Me With This Please , Cause It Is Starting To Get On My Nerves Not Hearing Anything ! Thanks In Return
  3. Favorite Instrumental At The Moment Would Have To Be One Beer By Mf Doom .
  4. I Think They Deleted Most Of The Things In The Game For An Obvious Reason! They Didn't Want To Make The Game Too "Great". Ya'll Might Ask , What Do You Mean By That. What I Mean Is That Well What If They Put Everything In It As Planned , But What About Future GTA Title's ? You Can't Always Put The Same Feature's In Every GTA Game. I Mean You Could , But It Would Get Old Rather Quickly.
  5. Huh Never Really Noticed All The K's In The Radio Names . Strange ! But Back To Topic . . . Radio Los Santos , Radio X !
  6. Fall For Your Type - Drake . Very Relaxing Song !
  7. Something I started drawing a couple days ago. It's not that great right now, but it will be later. I hope.
  8. Little kids on XBL that talk shit and chicken shit out right in the middle of a game in halo 3
  9. Whoa, Your One of the least expected people i know to get banned

  10. Dude, that has got to be one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. I laughed the whole way through. Freaking brilliant. "Ninja bartender" lmao
  11. WTF kind of shit is this there's so many things wrong with this trailer. First of all goku supposed to be a kid, 2nd bulmas hair is blue, 3rd where's the pervy old master roshi we all know and love, 4th what the hell is up with piccolo?! Dragon ball [and z] used to be my all time favorite show when i was a kid. In my opinion they should of never of thought of making a live action movie. When I goto see this movie in the theatres on opening day, I am going to bring my video camera in with me and film people crying in the audience while watching it because of how HORRIBLE it is! I will then edit it, post it on youtube and let the director know how miserable he made us!
  12. The book was alright, my girlfriend wanted to see it so i went with her to check it out, halfway through the the movie i walked out and went to the food court, it was just plain horrible
  13. wtf is up with all these chimpunk songs?! Anyways i had the same reaction you had when i saw this vid
  14. poor elf, all he wanted to do was go christmas caroling lol
  15. Awsome find. i think i ran over a girl like that once while the cops were chasing me lol.. i m going to find her right now and kill her once i see her
  16. it looks badass, how long did it take you to make it?
  17. Claude never talked because he didn't trust anybody, i think i remember reading that from somewhere, oh well.. Anyways i would've liked to play as novy
  18. After doing a little resarch i found out that the NFS instalment would instead be done by Criterion Games, developers of the Burnout franchise.
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