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  1. LOL your not new here you joined ever since last year (March). You probably just haven't been in the forums in a long time.
  2. Woozie. Is CJ awesome or not? [Opinion Answer/no wrong or right]
  3. Double click on it. Follow the steps, and your done
  4. Chapter 2, CJ feels bad CJ meets a new gang CJ is in Prison Hospital now. Well, now some new gangs are in Los Santos. They budged a door that brings you to the Prison Hospital. They shot a cop. Then, they headed down to CJ. They budged the bars, took CJ out as fast as they can. The new gang's name is Sharks. There leader is named Josh. CJ says ''Who are you motherfuckers?!'' Josh says, ''Shut the fuck up and shoot.'' Josh gives CJ a gun while Josh is driving. CJ was doing a drive-by shooting. He was aiming for the Police Car that was chasing them. Finally they lost the cops. Now Josh starts to talk to CJ about there gang. Josh ask CJ if he is from a gang. CJ says, ''No.'' Josh starts to shoot in the air and says, ''Are you in a FUCKIN' gang??!!!'' CJ finally admits it. ''YES!!'' CJ had fear because he thinks Josh is crazy. Josh says, ''Wanna go rob some shit?'' CJ says, ''Hell yeah.'' They went to the bank to rob some money. CJ stole the money. Now they got cops on there tail. CJ is now driving and Josh is doing a drive-by shooting. They headed to the Pay n' Spray. CJ headed to Josh's house but didn't say a word. CJ heads home to rest. He now realizes that he is now in a new gang. He quietly sneaked out of his gang and headed to Josh is place. CJ purchased a house that is near Josh's house. To be Continued.
  5. Well, I'm gonna do a chapter 2 right now. All chapters are gonna be in this topic.
  6. Hmmmmm...Is there a .exe file? If there is, extract it to your desktop and open it up and click on a button to activate the hack.
  7. GTA:SA The Mix Chapter 1 The life of CJ CJ and his gang/homies meets a new gang, ''Killas.'' The Killas's leader was Kimo. They are from VineWood. Their gang is a Filipino gang. So CJ meets them and they began to combined their gang. CJ says to Kimo, ''Yo Kimo, lets go and defeat them Balla cats!'' Kimo says, ''Sure home-dog!'' So they jacked about 20 Limo(s) so the gang could fit in some Limo. Then, they finally got up to the Ballas territory and started a gang war. Kimo is using a M4 and a MP5. CJ is using a M4, MP5, and a knife. So while they were fighting, CJ told his gang while taking cover, ''Homies over HERE!!!'' Kimo says what CJ said but to his gang. So the gang was using an M4 and killed the Ballas!! CJ and Kimo headed home. The next day, Kimo meets CJ at grove street and Kimo asked him, ''Yo CJ, Lets go trash them Vogos!'' CJ says, ''Sure Kimo, but I'll need some rest. CJ takes 30 minutes and called Kimo. CJ says on the phone, ''Yo Kimo, where you at?'' Kimo says, I'm at the Airport killing some Vogos!'' CJ says, ''Yo, you alright?!'' Kimo says, ''I don't know....Holy SHIIIT! RPG!!!'' CJ says, ''Yo Kimo what happened?!?!?!'' Kimo says, ''I'm...I'm....'' CJ says ''Kimo! KIMO!!'' CJ pauses for 5 seconds. CJ quickly runs to his garage, turns on his car, and drives to the airport!! (10 minutes later) CJ pauses again for 10 seconds. ''No...I can't believe hes gone!'' said CJ. Suddenly the cops comes and surrounds CJ! CJ jumped over a Police car and starts running as fast as he can. But then, a cop car pops right in front of him! ''BAM'' He got hit. CJ woke up in a Prison Hospital. Suddenly he remember that the Killas and Kimo is dead. To be Continued.
  8. Hey! Don't be too hateful! Besides your new here! Probably from 3 weeks!!! You gotta respect peoples topics! Admins are here that can start you off with a warning! This Poll does suck BUT don't say that!
  9. My Rep bar has been bad cause I've been warned by Sky but he forgave me.
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