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  1. I haven't tried it but it seems hard. While having a screen on the top in the sky. Its like the screen is God.
  2. Theres another way on how to get to liberty city without doing the mission. You have to go to dumbell in LS, spawn a jet pack, go behind the punching bag thats next to the entrance, go up and then go to the beach, head back. Or go to youtube and check for vids like that. There is tons of vids there on how to do it.
  3. Do you need help on modding? Switching files? Or just using IMG tool.
  4. Re-install your VC and then install the VCMP again. Did you download any mods? Well, thats the problem. Too much mods can crash in Multiplayer mode.
  5. TGTAP has some problems too. I just had a topic of a problem that was about the changing display name in my controls. Some admin (Thomas) said that there is something wrong.
  6. I never had MTA:SA DM before but is there a link that says,''Forgot password? Click here!'' Something like that and click it. Give your e-mail and then check your inbox. Or, make a new account. Anyways, can you give me a link for MTA:SA DM? I wanna try it!
  7. There isn't. Probably someone is working on it now...
  8. Yeah. Put the mp3 files in My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Folder\User Tracks\
  9. This is hella awesome! I just did the instructions and CJ looks like him! But all I need is the White CJ mod.
  10. Yo dude! Your personal photo is Box Man! You watch smosh's videos in youtube?

  11. I'm fucking good! How about you L-RIC?

  12. Its my turn! What was the subtitles in the time where CJ bikes all the way to Grove St.?
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