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  1. You can't put multiple files that are the same in that folder. It will crash the game right when you start to make the game load.
  2. SAMI looks really easy to use, but its hard. I like the IMG Tool better.
  3. Why did the computer go to the doc? Cause it had a virus!
  4. Well the worst food that I've ate in my life was buritoes. Hate those food. The first time I ate it, tasted OK. 1 hr after I vomited.
  5. My favorite mission is the last mission (which I forgot because I lost my PSP and the game in my house somewhere) which LMAO me.
  6. Since I lost my PSP and GTA:LCS (Somewhere around my house I don't know), I can barely remember the missions. Well, I liked the last mission. I forgot what was the least mission...
  7. I tried it Jake! But only on my PSP. It was f****** awesome! If you have troubleshooting with it, try to search in youtube.com ''GTA:LCS blue hell glitch''
  8. Wait a second...This may sound weird though...I think R* took them out cause most people that plays GTA would start to kill the kids more than the adult peds. Then, if the people playing GTA might start killing kids in real life. Probably R* had a feeling of that so they took 'em out of the game.
  9. Cool! I'm gonna try that server out! BTW, what should I type for its mode? Stunt? Roleplay?
  10. What I want is no loadings of the game. That would be easier instead of waiting so long. But I heard that there are different controls in the game. I read it in GamePro magazine.
  11. You'll need a hardrive connected to the Ausus or EEE.
  12. Every time I connect to a server, I have to turn off my COMODO firewall off. Can someone help me! I just want to connect to a server without turning off my firewall!
  13. Hmmmm...I'm not sure either. I tried the San Andreas Mod Installer too but I didn't know how to use it so I uninstalled it.
  14. Is fraps free for downloading and installing? If it is, just tell me. Thanks
  15. Just start the game all over. Or, just roam around Los Santos until you receive a call.
  16. Hmmmmm....Try the GTA 3 Modding forum for more help
  17. I'm gonna come up with chapter 3 later. I'm kinda tired right now.
  18. Anyways wrong topic for this forum. Should be in GTA Vice City
  19. Or watch this Video, or this Video, or this Video, or this Video, or this Video.
  20. It is?! But I've been having it for a long time but nothing happened. It didn't damaged my system. It doesn't work with vista. Once I tried it, it kept on making a pop up, ''You must buy this before using it.'' Well thats all I can do. Sorry Gerad...
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