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  1. ^ knows me because of ESL < probably knows v v probably knows <
  2. yeah but if you sell it for more than you bought then people would just but it from the main gtashop wouldnt they?
  3. i meant where do you get the item? and if its from your inventory then you cant make money out of a shop im guessing. You just sell some 2nd had stuff you dont need
  4. what you mean there is a place to buy items specially for the usershop?
  5. do you buy them from some wharehouse or do you upload items from your inventory?
  6. well of course not its only a small screen for god sake
  7. you but spas's house but then 4 minutes later a nuke stikes directly on spas' house
  8. thers good theres great then theres that. Great job i think ill be going back there someday soon
  9. im just pointing out that there computer isbetter than spas' friend
  10. ^ is right oh and welcome back WCH < is happy to see ^ back v probably deosnt know who ^ is
  11. my friends computer.(i find out the make later) is 3.40 GHZ 1 GB RAM 256GB VIDEO CARD 400 GB HD DVD-REWRITER and im going to dells website. now.
  12. and they say the mount chilaid is the biggest ever 3d object well look at that castle. Great vid though could the computer we were talking about handel 1,000,000,000,000 polys hahahahaha
  13. very nice. p.s. your old avatars on there.
  14. you can get a feel for los antos, explore and expand the map and thats umm pretty much it.
  15. Look spas, get over it. I admit that PC is good and veryy good at that but i could find better
  16. Ok then i will. But before i do just tell me why free hosting makes a diffenece to the quality of the site
  17. You know that that PC is shit compared to some of dells best and only twice as good as mine
  18. why when free is just as good. Good sites that are made in html but hosted on free hosts are just as good as paid hosts. Oh unless your talking about freewebs crappy editor. But good sites are good because of there deisgn not here host.
  19. well no actually you can either. a.download and host it on your website or b. register on www.ipbfree.com and they'll give you a url and everything without you haveing to download it and host it and s**t.
  20. Yeah maybe but would you consider them the same, spas
  21. How about a list of 5 million of even better type in your name.(with the buttons)
  22. good well as your a mod shouldnt you have locked it then.
  23. I cant understand most of that but OK you might aswell
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