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  1. Zomg I remember you. Happy bday.

  2. Mbssondude

    Tommy Vercetti's hawaiian shirt

    ^^That one looks a little darker than tommies. I'll help you search because I want one too! Plus my Bday is coming up. Keep in touch! EDIT: I THINK I FOUND THE ONE!
  3. Mbssondude

    san andreas glith

    Interesting discovery. I'll have to dust off the PS2 and try. (sufferer of severe boredom)
  4. Mbssondude

    Prefered Casino

    Between the two I'd prefer Four Dragons. But their is a down low casino somewhere in LV that is more down low and relaxing. Or you could see me at the horse race betting shops.
  5. Mbssondude

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    My favourite city in San Andreas was San Fierro.
  6. Mbssondude

    Hardest Mission

    The hardest mission for me was probably "Big Smoke" jk really the hardest mission was the last because it was so long.
  7. Mbssondude

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    K-DST, you should have really made a poll.
  8. Mbssondude

    no head glitch

    Well he has a head in that picture....
  9. Mbssondude

    What instrument do you play?

    drums for me. Can play the drumset or hand me a snare drum with a bass and I can be in your high school marching band.
  10. Mbssondude

    Songs you would like to see in GTAIV?

    Nickelbacks song "Rockstar". Would make it a little ironic.
  11. Mbssondude

    Pre-order yet?

    Placed my pre-order about a year and a half ago. But just last week I added on to reserve the special edition.
  12. Mbssondude

    K9 Units

    I think they will just use them for cutscenes. For example: your riding dirty when you get pulled by LCPD. Trigger cut scene, and you appear at your local jail!
  13. Mbssondude


    People are leaving in numerous amounts. We must have members. Don't Leave! Whyyyyyy!!!!!!!
  14. Mbssondude

    Should we have a karma syestem?

    Exactly, the warning system is good enough, leave it like that, so mods can do the job Oscar! Vote No! Help the cause. Or stop the bullshit in your case.