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  1. For those of you who didn't see it: Anyway, this was pretty fun to watch... It's obvious that there's some "Trick" behind this (although I take objection to most of the 'theories' that have been made so far) but it's still well done, no matter what the trick is... Can't wait to see him reveal the 'secret'.
  2. It'd require alot of very advanced code and skills in making animations with 3Ds MAX. I highly doubt anyone will make it for you.
  3. I find that Internet Explorer is a good browser... On it's own. Without competition. But compared to Firefox it's crap. If Firefox never existed then people would still like Internet Explorer. I never heard any complaints before Firefox came out... But to be honest, I much pefer IE7 than IE8, which is just turning Internet Explorer into some sort of button-filled, ram-crushing, multi-proccessing, crap browser. As opposed to the nice and light (but crap) browser it was before I used to use it for browsing sites I trusted because it worked MUCH faster on my machine than Firefox. But I found out how to tweak Firefox now so besides from a few remaining annoyances and things I miss about IE, I'll be loving Firefox. Anyway, I used to get this error (with many browsers) from downloading dodgy software from badly designed freesites All I had to do was remove the software manually and remove all registry entries
  4. Heh, since you allow it anyway... I might indulge myself in some code to speed up Vigilante Justice. That is, when I get started on it again
  5. Not tried Windows 7, but XP is the one that I favour It's just so simple and the themes are suttle. Vista looks crap Don't like Ubuntu/Linux (can't even figure out how to install the damn thing, but I've used it when it was on someone elses PC) and I would get Mac, but nothing works on it xP I've got 3 copies of XP on my PC (All professioal) and one is broken (slow as hell), one I use for my website and a few other things and the other I use for just about anything else...
  6. Great work... I'd download it but I'm on wireless and it's a rainy day Let's hope for some sun xD
  7. You can turn the resident shield off to get rid of the messages or add the utlimate editor .exe to the exception list... ... Or get a different a/v
  8. I NEVER replace any handling.dat lines or weapon.dat lines when changing the vehicles. I like how they act already. The reason for the handling change is probably to do with the .dff of the vehicle. Since it's a different shape, it will move differently. I'd suggest changing the values yourself (if you feel you can). You could read the handling.dat file that the readme gives you and edit the ones that matter. As for me, I like to keep the vehicle speed in most occasions. Otherwise I may find myself banned from SAMP
  9. Wow, such a simple thing helped so many people? And caused so many bumps
  10. I like Dumbledore in the Potter Puppet Pals best but I guess that's a whole different thing really :-/
  11. Deji

    Best game OST?

    Lemmings 1. Not the PC version, the original Sega Megadrive version. Those songs were so nice and happy.
  12. Damn! No one knows xO It's so damn famous, lol. It's more of a piece of music than a song... I would've thought. But where am I supposed to find out where I could get it?
  13. may i have a short video? i dont want to waste a download y'know! Pretty pointless. There are screens on the download page and I can't make a Youtube video as my fuckin internet is too slow... Especially on upload. If wasting a megabyte of downloads (which probably only matters to me since I have PAYG internet) and installing an easily uninstallable mod is too much, then I don't think I have any more options for yeh.
  14. You need a 1.0 exe for mods to work properly 1.1 works sometimes, but stuff like SAMP won't work with it.
  15. I can't Disable and i deleted my antivirus lol. Hmm... Not the safest of options. Unless you aren't planning on connecting to the internet... Ever... I'd download AVG Free. With that you can stop it from scanning certain files, folders extensions etc. And you can turn the whole thing off and on as you please
  16. Argghhh! I need the name of the classical music song thingy that I want for my pretty funny San Andreas vid. And I have no idea how to explain in text what is going through my head. Everyone knows it though... I don't know whether people know the name of it, but hopefully someone does xO Here goes... Dum, dum, dum, dee, deeeee! Dum dum... Dum Dum... Dum, dum, dum, dee, deeee! Dum dum... Dum Dum... Dum, dum, dum, dee, deee... Dee, dee, deeeee! Dum, dum, dum, dum... Dum-dum-dum-dum. Dum, dum, dum-dum-dum... Dum, dum. Umm, besides from that all I know is it's used in ice skating or ballet kinda stuff sometimes and it was playing during Lemmings 2: The Tribes space level xO EDIT: <-- 34 seconds. Gimme name nao!!
  17. It's a virus that hacks into your game and makes it more fun by enabling you to do stuff in your own free will Antiviruses always give warnings about dumb things. >_> It's pretty annoying because I never know when to really trust the antivirus
  18. And what's more... San Andreas fills it up with more fun stuff
  19. I don't think so... Auto aim can be enabled with the mouse. And you simply right click. Mouse Look aint involved. Can't be for moving the camera inside the car, because you just move the mouse for that... So, umm. Any other ideas? Will this mystery ever be solved? EDIT: Ahh, figured it out. It's to be used with the "Steer with mouse" option in the PC only version of San Andreas. While having this feature on, you can only look around while pressing "Mouse Look". I finally know what it duz!! - It's still absolutely useless though
  20. Just wait for the site to come back online? I'd give you a download link for it, but I don't think Seemann would like that :s
  21. It seems to be some sort of self-installing script. It modifies the config files automaticaly. Here is the information in it: (Overwrite the line in your vehicles.ide file) 521, fcr900, fcr900, bike, FCR900, FCR900, bikes, motorbike, 6, 0, 3f341210, -1, 0.68, 0.68, -1 (Overwrite the line in your handling.cfg file) FCR900 1200.0 1400.0 4.0 0.0 0.05 -0.09 103 2.0 0.9 0.48 5 15000.0 80.0 50.0 R P 15.0 0.50 0 35.0 1.2 0.15 0.0 0.15 -0.16 0.5 0.0 0.0 0.11 10000 1000008 C 1 1 4 Don't know how to "use" the gsi file though. Also note that this will only change how the bike behaves. This will not install the textures for the bike, meaning your bike will look the same. If you find out how to use this, tell me. I could probably work out how to use this method for all sorts of self-installing mods... EDIT: And then a few minutes later, I crack it! This is a GTA San Andreas Ultimate Editor file. Download that and use it to install the mod. It is a very compressed file (which explains the small 90kb file size) which auto-installs when used with SA Ultimate Editor Have fun!
  22. Note that I will probably not check this topic often, but I will check it! Just hold on! The Black Market Mod View information Topic Sorry the topic isn't very well layed out. I wrote it all in notepad originally. But I'll work on neatening it up I redirect every forum to that topic so I don't have to update the information, screens etc on all the topics, which is hassle! Especially due to each one having different BB Codes and emotes. Note that the topic may be updated quite a bit so check back on it every once in a while Anyway, post here what you would post there, if you can't to post there (confusing sentence, eh?)... Note: I won't be updating this post. Although I may add replies with updates
  23. Damn! I'll be busy celebrating San Andreas Week San Andreas will be released on October 26th!! I can't wait! Anyway... Nice to finally have a date on the release.
  24. Link? Sounds like some sort of hook file, but considering it's a bike mod idk... Might be an auto-installing mod.
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