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  1. i dont have a ps3 or xbox 360 so i dont have anything else to do. i also don't go to school! hone-ed for me!
  2. i remember gta: london from when i was 9. Classic game. even tho its 2-d i played it for hours.
  3. Anyone who wants to mod cars can use SAMI (San andreas mod installer) It's simple and easy and reads zip files.
  4. im sad that this has to be my 100th post... i couldn't downgrade either. i had to borow the files from a friends computer. have u tried p2p to get a crack. if thats even legal
  5. I got bored of scripting in samp so i wondered how to put car spawn points in the normal 1 player game. Is there a tool to do this? If there isn't could anyone make it? Thanks.
  6. Deji

    Garage Mod

    I hate only being able to fit 4 cars/bikes or whatever into that large garage at the abandoned airfield. I want to be able to put as many of my modded cars as possible into the garage. (Without of course crashing my computer) I managed to get a car spawner the other day and noticed i could spawn up to about 70 nrgs before my computer started going really slow. So can someone make a mod where i can fit up to 50 cars (or more) in the airfield? Is it possible?
  7. Yeah, thanks but i opened a graphics shop not a 'sig' Shop why would i have to make sigs anyway?
  8. i NEVER said i disrespect people who use flash or photoshop. and i didn't say that he had copied. i said someone else copied his. so your the only c*nt here.
  9. Lol. Maybe. I don't really care as long as he pays me! BTW i have a question about that. Did the person who made it download the picture? coz i found the exact picture on the internet so i think someone may have stolen his graphic.
  10. What font do you want the text in? I have the GTA 3, Gta Vice City And San Andreas Fonts. Or maybe an un-gta related font? Oh and do you want the name GTA Player on it or another name? This good enough?? I need to work on the text placement. And i did manage to take away the orange glow on Niko but Fireworks crashed! Took me an hour to take the glow away too! Another Slightly Different Version...
  11. there were hacks on the car but i didn't do the car ones. there were no hacks on the bike at all and as far as i know no glitches. I Didn't Use Any Hacks. The Car Ones Aren't Me. Dumbass So how did you hop in the very first one with NRG-500 when you weren't even off the staircase. it wasn't a hop. it was a problem when i was editing the video. i had to fit all the clips into the legnth of the song so i cut that first stunt out. but then i put it back and a bit got cut out or something. i hate hacks anyway. i wasn't doing the car stunts so i had no control over that and i dont know how to get rid of the replay text-same as i don't know how to mod my nrg.
  12. You could make a samp server instead of a mta server. MTA looks better but isn't as good.
  13. Young Maylay acted out CJ in the san andreas game. The cities are based on real places in america. Some places are rockstars version of the real places. Los Santos-Los Angeles San Fierro-San Fransisco Las Venturas-Las Vegas. Easy. Also they wouldn't actually play by the same story, guns, whatever. That'd be a bit boring. why not sa. thats the best one. its got a great storyline too,.
  14. lol. gta london too. i loved that game. the sites good. a bit big though?
  15. i have but if u dont believe me thats your biz. just dont call me a liar coz u dont know what your talking about
  16. not sure if i like this one but i uploaded it anyway just in case someone else likes it. BTW all of my graphics are free. i have no need for any fake money. think of it as a community service. lol edit: actually i hate that one. can you read? how the hell would you know if the graphics i make are proffesional. none of these are what i usually do im just trying to adapt to your style of graphics. with websites everything is different. with websites they wont accept random background patterns with text overlayed.
  17. How do you even know? as i said you've seen 3 of my images and how am i in my own world or whatever? i have been doing 'gfx' for a long time for proffesional websites and i've even sold some for REAL money. you cant just guess me if you don't even know anything about me. anyway stop constantly commenting. it's getting on my nerves everytime my email thing pops up and unlike some of you i have better to do. i should chill out? im the most chilled person in the world! although it doesn't seem like that over a forum. @ thomas: i don't need one i've already gone WAY past that but thanks for the offer.
  18. Okay, can you please stop instead of ignoring me. I am sure you want to stop all of this aswell but you are making it worse for yourself by replying to what people are saying and this will cause even bigger fights. man i never wanted a fight. so talk to the others about that. i think if you read the whole thing that you'd agree that im not the one you should be talking to. also im sorry for getting you involved and i am not targeting your image or saying its bad. and i think everyone even i forgot why i even opened this topic. SO. if anyone wants a graphic request one if not, fuck off. i think the outline needs to be slightly darker...
  19. How the fuck would you know what skills i have? you've seen 3 of my most simple pieces of work. and what do you mean replicate your sig. all i'd have to do is save it
  20. i NEVER said they were unoriginal but there's hardly any point in saying my stuff isn't good if you've not got anything better. for fuck sake i've only uploaded 3. i only did that to see what you like and i get this... i could make stuff like that in a few secs. and i don't use photoshop as i don't like it. stop putting words in my mouth. Done all that. the reason i didn't post any of them is (which i clearly said in my first post) im getting used to what you all like. i made them coz i've seen people with things like that.
  21. i could create things like that in a couple of minuets... whats so good about it?
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