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  1. I've made hundereds like yours- there easy to do. who cares? you all got too high expectations you should all be a bit less spoilt
  2. No-one Else Has Done Any Of These. So They Are Unique
  3. I Didn't Use Any Hacks. The Car Ones Aren't Me. Dumbass
  4. So Can Yours But I Don't Complain.
  5. Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No. It's Grove Street OG's! WTF Failed The Mission By Buying A Haircut? Jacked By A Prostitute!
  6. Who Wants To Help Make A SA:MP Video. If You Do Just Post You Footage/Pictures And An Explanation Of What The Picture OR Video Is Of. Also Post Your Name/Nickname So I Can Include It In The Credits.
  7. "curse you berkley!" I think you were supposed to ask another question but i'll ask one. What type of vehicle is the Dune?
  8. ??? Your probably the only person who's grown up. Im sure i've been talking to a bunch of kids for the past few months. Maybe im just new to forums. Most of you have too high expectations. I dont only offer graphics for games but thats what im good at. Why is it going to be removed?
  9. Honestly i find grinds pretty boring... to easy. bumps are what i tried to do most. btw the bike wasn't modded at all. i used the slow-mo cheat for some stunts but thats it.
  10. what you talkin about? I Dont Really Do Ones That Have Nothing To Do With A Game Or Something.
  11. there are no mods. except for aston martin car mod. i didn't even use the cars
  12. I Use MSPaint For Cutting And Pasting. Whats A Sig? Why The F*** Are People Downloading Them? They Editing My Name Out Or Something? Any Requests For Pics?
  13. What Do You Think Of Them For First Attempts??
  14. I Only Just Made My Graphics Store. Done 2 So Far. My Favourite Is My Nicco Belik One.
  15. Deji's Userbar Store I'm Using Fireworks, Flash, Paint And Ultimate Paint. To get a userbar: Just tell me what you want a userbar of and I can make multiple versions and you can decide which one you like best! They are all free and I quite enjoy making them. It may also help if you posted something to do with what you want on the userbar (Picture-wise) This will help with rare programs or artists ect... All Graphics are free! I now only give away userbars as I can't really be bovered to make anything else. I have a gurantee that you will have a userbar within 15 mins of me seeing your request. I will still let you have my Cut Out's: Cutout Gallery (High quality cutout gallery! Since I haven't enough time to use them myself) Userbars: <- Lol! I have served 1 customers. I have made 13 userbars. The userbars above are for anyone to use freely... The userbars I sell belong to the person I sell to.
  16. Maybe The Higher Amount Of Points A User Has Means They Get Bigger Limit?
  17. I Meant More Riots After That. Also More Rewards In San Andreas. You Get Nothing For Taking All Turfs. I Actually Find Playing The Game Without Ballas Or Vagos Pretty Boring Now. One Thing I Think Is Cool Are The Debt Collectors, That Come And 'Talk' About Your Debt.
  18. that sucks. admins can delete this topic now if they want. wasted space.
  19. It's Annoying Going To Vice Point Mall With My Hard Earned (lol) Money And Finding Out Nothing Is In-Stock. Next Restock: Unknown. Also Where Has The Arcade Gone? I Cant Find A Link To It Anywhere. I Suppose There Is Probably A Reasonable Explination But Its Really Annoying.
  20. All Good Ideas. I Also Always Wanted To Be Able To Get A Bike On The Back Of A Pickup Truck Or Packer Or Something Without Them 'Crashing'. Perhaps Someone Will Make A Mod For That Someday. Also I Wanted To Turn Smokes Crack Palace Into My Own Base. The Abillity To Rob From Other Peoples Houses And Turn Them To My Own Would Be Great. Whoever Said About Creating Missions Is Right. It Should Be Available On All Games Especially Splinter Cell. lol. The Reason Level Creation Isn't On All Games Is To Do With Money. Rockstar For Example Wouldn't Want To Make A Perfect Game, Otherwise No-one Will Buy Their Other Games.
  21. WTF??? Decrease Blood Flow And Brain Functunality??? Maybe A Little, But They Increase Your Brains Reaction Speed, Give You Better Hand-Eye something-or-other, increase happiness which decreases the risk of suicidal thoughts (trust me!), increases logic (depending on game of corse). And People Are Always Complaining On How Computer Games Are Bad For You? Only If You Play Too Much. But Then, Too Much Of Anything Is Bad For You!!! Yes, Definatly. Where Are The Mothers Of These Kids Who End Up Killing People? Who Sells These Guns? Not GTA, Not Ammunation And You Cant Just Press L2 Or R2 To Spawn A Gun. A Game Doesn't Say: Kill People. Plenty Of Other People Have Played Violent Games And Not Killed Anyone... Plenty Of People Have Been Violent And Not Played A Violent Game... I Also Hate It When They Target San Andreas. Ever Played '50 Cent: Bulletproof' Or 'Mortal Combat' (The REALLY Violent One) They Are Worse. If I Had Played More Games I Could Give More Examples.
  22. Deji

    animal abuse

    mmm... i couldn't be bothered to post a reply to this until i ate a piece of chicken... i havn't eaten propper food in ages. anyway heres how to stop animal abuse... 1. Go On TV 2. Get An Animal 3. Buy a Gun 4. Hold The Gun To The Animals Head 5. Say: "I will kill this poor, cute, defenseless animal unless everyone stops abusing them!!!! Perfect if i say so myself. gee im hungry im gonna go eat as many animals as possible. (unless someone goes on tv and threatens me with an animal) On A Serious Note... We Were Born With The Abillity And Aspirations To Eat Animals For A Good Reason. We Need A BALENCED Diet. A Dog-Eat-Dog World. Survival Of The Fittest. We NEED Meat To Survive. I Agree That We Shouldn't Kill Animals For No Reason. But Eating Them Is Part Of Life. Anyway. We DO Feed Animals, Give Them Shelter, Shave Their Wool, cuddle them, walk them, clean their sh**, put up with their annoying animal sounds and even protect them from fleas. the human race is kind. CATS ARE EVIL!!! They kill frogs, mice, birds, moles, shrews, fish and all other small animals, and dont really eat some of them. But they're considered 'cute'.
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