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  1. i don't know how to do the scripting but download the Misson Builder... that should help
  2. Wow... i had a quick go of making it myself and it came out better than i'd imagined. Still not perfect but i'll work on it. I'd still appreciate it if someone made another one for me. My first mod! UPDATE: Ok im gonna make some white buttons and maybe give cj a t-shirt underneath. then i'll make it jacket-like. im also gonna make some PIMP boots. he also needs a feather hat and some new glasses! how would i make it look feathery?
  3. what? this is gta we're talkin about... no way would i want lots of stars for killing one person. this is what i mean by too realistic. and anyway, in real life it'd take longer for them to find out that you killed someone. To make car chases good they should have more ways to escape-like sliding under a gasoline truck on your bike as the cops smash into it causing an immediate huge explosion... BOOM! and jumpung out of your car on a building and watching the cops fly of the edge not noticing you jumped out. phew, i had to many sweets.
  4. Ok, which version of photoshop do i need? there are about 60 different ones!
  5. yes, i hate when people upload mods for the best cars. i like most of the san andreas vehicles anyway.
  6. I really need this. Can someone make me 2 outfits? I want them to replace the pimp suit and the overalls/country thing. I Want them to be pimpy outfits... I need them for an upcoming series. Here are some ideas/pics http://streetknowledge.files.wordpress.com...mp-c-715217.jpg http://www.thefader.com/ys_assets/0004/2706/PimpC_main.jpg I'd like a new chain to the dogtags in binco! http://www.pimphats.com/ecatalog/images/Pr...ling_fatmny.jpg http://www.costumersnetwork.com/prodimages/FW9085C.jpg Also, If it's not to much. I'd like the brass nuckles turned into a stylish ring with the text pimp, Big Money or Just $$ Signs... http://images.buycostumes.com/mgen/merchandiser/27255.jpg http://img.costumecraze.com/images/vendors.../699-thumb2.jpg Big thanks to anyone who does this! I put in as many images as I could find and i think this would be a good mod for you to release. BTW RIP pimp c!
  7. Deji

    My next PC game

    im not getting The Sims 2 coz its too 3d :-). And the character editing... holy hell i never seen so many options to change a face! Im not against 3d games. i just like my sims sim-ple
  8. Deji

    My next PC game

    I want a new PC game. But i cant think of anything i want. I have: Halo, RCT3, Simgangster, Age Of Empires, San Andreas, The Sims (All 8 Expansions) And Hitchcocks-The Final Cut. I'm quite fussy about buying games. As you can see, i have the sims... but no sims 2 and halo, but not halo 2 or 3. I don't like world of warcraft or most of the 'top' games. So i was wondering if anyone can give me any games they think i may like. Any games that aren't talked about alot i'd like to hear about. Things like simgangster-love it! Oh, and no arguments over which games are the best.
  9. cool. i just ride around randomly. i never plan anything. i wish i could plan them though
  10. why'd you click on this topic then?
  11. Yeah i got that. Have no f***in idea how to make missions... i like in-game editors. :-)
  12. Im ignoring all your posts since this is going nowhere and i have better to do.
  13. I did it for 6 Mins but FRAPS stopped recording after 4 because my computers memory was critically low from recording for my SAMP video. Which is why the wheelie happened on SAMP.
  14. DJ is the short term for Disc Jockey, so that argument fails, you didn't do a good job on making tunes sound good either. hmmm. what are those people called. the ones who play songs on radios. hmm let me think... oh, i know DJ's! all they do is talk and play music so your argument fails too. hu ha haaa.
  15. When the hell did I say I didn't appreciate hip hop? I'd venture to say I probably know more, and listen to, more hip hop then you do. Thanks for assuming all I listen to is rock and techno, dipshit. And I wasn't flaming your music or hip hop in general. I was simply stating my opinion. Yes, your music isn't very good. All the songs I've listened to on your myspace are just loops ripped from other songs with occassional added lyrics of your own I'm guessing. And yes, your lyrics are highly unoriginal and very bland. Loops? I don't use loops. And i havn't added any lyrics of my own. Its a DJ page not a rapper page or w/e you think it is. I didn't assume u like rock or techno. i used them as examples. well someone doesn't know what djing is...
  16. i never said anyone elses is shit. review the topic before you post. get back to the topic. this convo is over. You pwned me. On topic: Ok, follow their 'tutorials' because I've seen beautiful sigs and avatars from Thomas and Don. Just follow their examples and let the advanced people help you. i have. i spent a whole day watching them ages ago.
  17. Lol. and to believe i was doing it the old way. lasso tool is quite handy. BTW. I Don't need many tutorials as i've seen them 100s of times. In fact, the only tutorial i need is how to make graphics that fit your taste. Thanks for everyones 'support' though. ok. but what i need to know is what types of background your interested in. While i'd think a graphic with a brick wall background would be cool, you might not. See what i mean? Thanks for the lasso tip tho. I forgot it was there. I was just zooming in and doing things pixel by pixel!
  18. Can i save the 'Resources' pics to use them for my own graphics? It'd save me an hour. lol
  19. decks, my computer, mixmeister. (wicked program) and lots of other random stuff. lol im using things that i dont know the name of. but if you dont think im real then i don't really care. you may of heard the 'day-g' in the mix. hmm day-g deji. ye i think its mine, lol-if you actually listened, if not then why are you questioning me about it. and there isn't such thing as a program that mixes for you. well, at least not as complex as what i've done. the closest to it is nero. and thats a cd burning program. using what i mainly used (mixmeister) IS dj-ing. Djing isn't about spinning to vinyl records on a set of decks. its about making tunes mix and sound good. which is why its called a dj mix. am i going too fast for you? lol Lol-Believe it or not i do have life beyond this forum-more than i can say for some If you dont like or appreciate hip hop and have nothing else to do besides flame it then shut up. you dont hear me complaining about rock or techno
  20. no, it means MORE of a chance of having a future career. when i was at school i didn't learn anything. i've learnt alot more since i left. back to the topic?
  21. Ok. Thanks. Its Been Moved Now.
  22. Hey, not alot know or believe this (as im 13) but im a DJ idk if im allowed to link to my myspace page but i'll put the link in my sig. i do hip hop and i've just made a new mix: 'This Is Real Hip Hop' (again, i'll put the link to listen to it in my sig-no downloads but you can do 'save target as') Do any of you like music? If so, what type and who's your favourite artist, band or whatever.
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