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  1. San Andreas Was One Of The Best Games (Still Is. IMO) But There Is A Few Things That Could Have Made It Much Better... More Interior Enemy/Pedestrian AI More To Do With The New Swimming Abbility More Happenings During Free Mode. (Like Sudden Riots Or Something) Harder Police Chases Beach Parties (Where Did They Go?) More Activities More To Do With Girlfriend (Not Meaning 'Hot Coffee'!) Can You Think Of Anything Else That'd Make San Andreas Better?
  2. Well You Have To Complete 50 Traffic Missions . And Then You Get A Crappy 'All Taxis Have Nitro' Thing. Oh Well, There Is Gotta Be Some Annoying Parts Of The Game.
  3. San Andreas Had A Few Small Trailers. Then We Didn't Hear About It For Ages. Then A Final Trailer Came Out (I Think?) There Has Been No Gameplay Trailers So I Think There Will Be A 4th Trailer.
  4. A NEW CITY!!! I Get Sick Of Liberty City. GTAIV Looks Ok Though At Least They Redesigned It. GTA Needs Something New Like Better Free Roam Modes Or Some Sort Of Level Creator Would Be Good. LOL. Yes. Maybe. But They Redisigned Liberty City. Hopefuly They'll Redesign Vice City And San Andreas. I'd Love To see San Andreas With More Interiors. Maybe A Good Stunt Park? GTA IV Only Appeals To Me Because I've Seen Lots Of New Actions And Added AI I'd Like To See Those In San Andreas.
  5. Deji

    Grand Theft Auto 5?

    R* Use Subdomains. So They Already Own The Domain For GTA 5.
  6. GO Into The Options Menu And Find 'Search User Tracks' Or 'Update User Tracks' Or Something.
  7. Good Point. I Wish We Could Recruit People To Our Online Gangs. That'd Maybe Work For TGTAP As They Would Be A Big Part Of The Multiplayer Online System. Maybe TGTAP Should Create A Special Server For SAMP?
  8. BTW. You Need gta_sa.exe In The Same Folders As All Your dll Files. (Such As vorbifle.dll) Coz They Are Application Extensions.
  9. Yeh, Lol. Luckily I Saved The File On A Different Slot.
  10. Nah, It Gets You Into Debt Which Makes The Game Harder. There Should Be Gambling In GTA 4. Anyone Who Doesn't Want To Do It Doesn't Have To. There Will Be More Enterable Buildings In GTA 4 Meaning That There Probably Will Be Some Casino's. Or Something Yes. I Like Blackjack. It IS Fun, Easy, But Requires More Skill. I Dont Like Roulette. Its Based To Much On Luck.
  11. I Hope So. Although He Did Almost Get Killed By O.G Loc (lol) He Was. He Was On WCTR. (We Cant Talk Right) Lol He Isn't On WCTR At The Start Of The Game Though.
  12. Music Is A Remix. Made By Me . What You Mean By Borrowing Someone Elses Files??? How Do I Put It In The Mods Forum????? That's Where I Meant To Put It. Had Too Many Tabs Open.
  13. They're Pretty Good. You Should Use Fireworks. I Can Make Cool Stuff Like That In 5 Minuets.
  14. Lol. That Happened To CJ Once. I Got Hit By A Car. 'Mysterious Girlfriend Case' Check This Out... I Was On My Newly Bought PC Version Of The Game When I Went To Denises House For A Date And Some 'Coffee' (lol) And A Plane Landed On Her!!! Then I Went To Helena In The Country-side For A Date. Weirdly A Baller Spawned Next To My Car When I Went Into The Red Marker And 'Cheat Activated' Appeared On The Screen. And Then... My Girlfriends Head Popped Of!!! Failing To Actually Get Dates On The Other Days I Went To Millie Perkins. But This Time I Tried To Kill Her (So She Wouldn't By Hurt In Any Other Way. Ehem.) She Started Running When I Punched Her. I Followed Her All The Way To A Crossing. She Ran Accross It And.... WRMMMPHHH! A TRAIN!!! So 3 Dead 3 Alive. I'll Try And See If I Can 'Accidently' Kill The Others... Lol.
  15. Amazing What A Simple Mod Can Do! Handling Line: BANSHEE 1000000 1000000 0 0.0 0.0 -0.60 70 10 1 0.50 5 100000000 100000 10.0 4 4 100000000000 0.52 0 34.0 1.6 1 5.0 1 -0.25 0.5 0.3 0.15 0 45000 2004 200000 2 2 22 Paste It Over Your Banshee Line In Your Handling.cfg File. Delete Any Paragraphs And Replace Them With A Space.
  16. It's Because Everything Happens Around CJ. They Spawn According To Where CJ Is In The Game. But If Your Close To A Large Rock Or Something Big Then It Is Likely To Crash. I Love This Video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo002JUxRVQ
  17. i know, it's some weird glitch. ppl call them ghost planes.
  18. Because I Wanted To Post Them Both Without Creating 2 Seperate Topics.
  19. I Was Having A Look At GTA:SA Ultimate Editor And Saw A Weapons Editor Section. In The Section It Says: 'Weapon Slot:' And Then The Number Of The Weapon Slot. I Think San Andreas Initially Has 12 Weapon Slot's. So Would Putting One As 13 Create An Extra Weapon Slot? Or Would It Just Dissapear From My Inventory? I Want To Make ALL Of My Favourite Weapons Available Without Them Replacing Any Other Weapons.
  20. I Wouldn't Try. If Your Feeling Like Spending A Year To Make A New City Look Then Try Checking Out The TXD Editor Thingy. It Loads All The Textures For Cities (As Well As Cars And Weapons Ect.) You Will Just Need To Figure Out Which Ones Are Las Venturas Ones, Extract Them As A bmp or png or Whatever, And Then Edit Them. This Will Probably Take You Half Of Your Life To Make. The Game Designers Took Over A Year To Make San Andreas And They Are Proffesionals. I'd Stick To Modding Things One By One.
  21. Who's Your Favourite San Andreas Character (Besides CJ) I Like Woozie, That Spy Guy And Ogg Lock!
  22. Besides The M4. My Favourite Weapon Is The Things On The End Of CJ's Arms!
  23. So, Is This Forum Not About How To Make My Own Mods. I Need Serious Help With That As I Am Setting Up A Modding Section On My Website. I Need To Know How To Actually Start Editing The Look Of Things (Cars, Planes, Weapons Ect.) All I Ever Get Is dff And txd Files, Then I'm Stuck! I've Only Ever Modded Games Such As The Sims So I Only Have A Little Experience. So If Someone Can Help, Please Send A Message To: [email protected] Telling Me What Tools I Need And How To Start Editing The Look Of My Vehicles And Things. Thanx.
  24. I Didn't Say Anything About Rockstar Being Lazy Either. I Think You've Misunderstood What I Said. Just Everyone Else Is Accusing Me Of Saying Rockstar Is Lazy.
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