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  1. nice. i saw it on my website and thought... OMG how did it get there! then i remembered i had the widget to cover for me whilst i made my gta 4 site. anyway i liked the vid especially the bit where it rewinds coz i've been slow-mo-ing it and saw some cool stuff! im gonna work on my unnoficial trailer now... i gotta say though. i was dissapointed at the time it lasted for... not very long :-( considering how long we waited.
  2. Wow! im impressed with the amount of non-fanboy posts here! i'd say the ps3... the controls are easier (for me anyway) and there is nothing wrong with the ps3. also i think it has more space... i don't have either so i cant give you a real suggestion... i think the reason there are so many console wars is because they both cost loads and not many people can buy both so they choose any randomly and get defensive with their console. i'd say get a Sony console and a microsoft pc! mix 'n match!
  3. I was the first to post it!!! What do you think about the new trailer. SPOILER WARNING: If you havn't seen the newest GTA4 trailer yet... Don't scroll down! I think it was pretty good! EDIT: Damn! I wasn't the first to post it. Someone else did while i was posting... The topic was closed so i guess mine is heading down the same path... Why were the topics closed?
  4. Where did you hear that? Anyway, i hope there will be some gameplay. I just want to see how much it has evolved since the last game... well that's the one thing i worry about. it evolving too much... it should be called 'The American Dream' instead of being a gta. just my opinion though. i'll have to see when gta 4 is released.
  5. my own mixes! lol. i like it! ah.. there is a remix of it! i had to make one coz i loved the instrumental but dont like modern rock. WTF 235 pages!!! i thought this had only been made 3 mins ago! but that must have been last post...
  6. idk but it's a nice chance for some stunts! lol. unless it's a mod that's caused this... anyway i think you have to change your collision file. idk though. i aint got vice city.
  7. well i won't be able to do it... im on pc! and i don't really have time for or want a ps3 or xbox 360 ps4 for me! lol
  8. Finally! I can make my unnoficial trailer video and delete all my gta 4 pics and vids! free up some precious disk space. it's uk time... 2 hours from now.
  9. ye your allowed to change it. i found another way to do it. so im sorted now. thanks anyway
  10. Deji


    by far the easiest to understand is a kiddie one! i know hmtl now and i'm ready for javascript, css and php! http://www.goodellgroup.com/tutorial/ it's all step-by-step and you can learn it in a day! but it takes a little longer to master it.
  11. I just got a new forum for my website but it has a big ass banner at the top that i want to change. i could do it another way but its much much harder. is there a css code for a image replacer where i can replace the image with another image? well, it don't have to be css i guess but i really need it! thanks.
  12. on a network with 2 ppl on (network: 10mps) and i have loads of tabs and windows messanger runnin so thats pretty good i guess! At: 19:40 pm Result without windows messanger on Pretty good since the internet is shared between 2 people... we pay for 2mb! that's better than when we used 8mb! Don't ask why the server changed! At: 19:41 pm OK im unsure about how acccurate this is...
  13. AMD Athlon 1.20 GHz. 512 MB RAM (Gettin More). GeFORCE 6200 AGP (256 MB)- not that i really care! 80 GB HD (Gettin More) windows xp! yay Speakers: Subwoofin things!!!!
  14. well i hate religion. i'd rather spend my afterlife in hell then waste my time at church everyday/week.but saying that I AM THE DEVIL... and i don't get why they have the right to add sins? lol i always thought that!
  15. i kinda like Firefox it's good and has nice plug-ins but it's slow and a bit unstable. i don't see why we need other browsers. all html is made for IE and it just complicates things if you have another browser. i hate opera too!
  16. My middle name is Oladeji! And Deji is pronounced 'Day-G' I think thats a cool gangsta name!
  17. lol. we would have been... if not for the delay! and look at the speed of the posts! it's like a chatroom!
  18. kinda dont like the map. it's big enough but it's to liberty city like! im bored of that. you can find the mp screens in tgap's gallery wtf up wit the controls! i think L1 and R1 should switch with L2 and R2 so it's r1 or l1 to shoot. and it'll take me a long time to get used to the car controls X= forward imo
  19. I got IB free today. the store is running smothly as well as the quizzes. how did this store break and how could i avoid it?
  20. Sorry for the amount of requests. Im working on a web series... But i wondered if there was a way of making camera hack work during the REPLAY instead of in game... IDK how you all do it but driving without a proper view is hard... id like to be able to pause and move the camera in Replay mode. as well as being able to select the time of replay. up to 1 min? i got the RAM and graphic power for it... but i just hate having to drive or walk in a different view.
  21. Ok... you were supposed to post thos in GTASA modding-not the guide. i think. Just ask someone to make it for you or download IPL Helper.
  22. use it to record your game... its a good tool. but its better if you get full version. (which costs) Bar27262 (Played it at friends House) err i've already finished it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdBbqZxF7GE
  23. lol. nah. look at the clock
  24. well thats nothing to do with your sa version. if you had 1.1 or later samp wouldn't run at all. sounds like a connection problem.
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