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  1. Everytime I turn on my laptop, and its connected to the internet, a thing pops up and says, "Windows has encountered a critical problem and will restart automatically in one minute" And when I turn off the internet & bluetooth tab on the side of the laptop, which disables an internet connection and bluetooth, the computer works fine. So it only comes up when it is connected to the internet. Windows defender randomly pops up, and says it has found a trojan, and when I click Remove, it doesn't remove it. System restore doesn't work either. My next choice, buying a new laptop and throwing this one in the bin. I'm using my old computer to write this. Damn
  2. The girl on the left side of your Signature looks EXACTLY like a girl from my school
  3. лол. Јас некогаш не требам, и некогаш требам
  4. лол, И јас не имам многу за божик, но оваа година татко ми ќе ми купи Синтесаизер, што е седум илјади долари. Ама е за мојата кариера. лол
  5. Я хочу остаться где-то с тобой скитаться в этом огромном мире проклятом но не забытом не уходи постой ты моя я твой и моля день ото дня не покидай меня. Я люблю эту песню лол
  6. The first pic from the front page, I can make out the Russian Пункт Проверой Безопасности, which means "Item Tested Security"
  7. LOL so your just gonna live with some random Russian family
  8. Можеш ли да зборуваш руски флуент сега
  9. Вистина. За колку време? Таму дали ќе одиш на универзитет? Кој град? Или ќе одиш во сите, лол Ќе биде добро Јас сум јелоус Уште ќе дојдеш тука да пишиш?
  10. She grabbed my arm and I pulled away, and it went SCRATCH She didn't mean it. It went away after 5 minutes
  11. rappo, long time no see talk you own lang thread has been dead lately
  12. Who cares, it was the funniest thing ever
  13. Ok, this is the spam section, and yes, this deserves it's own topic. Title When can the Juice Freeze? link Also, one more: Title Buy GTA 4, help needs link Has your head exploded yet?
  14. Can't get enough of Michael Nojkovski - Electrified
  15. Луѓе, сакате да ја слушнете мојата песна?
  16. lol do you guys want me to take pics of it from all the corners so you can see the whole thing?
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