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  1. @ Chris I drew it on paint My Creation And, My eyes are made of steel
  2. lol coz of me? I was going to put Greeks but thought you'd yell at me
  3. So tell me. What could possibly make you say that? You. And the year 9's at my school. All born in 1995 and think they're top shit
  4. lol didn't know you were in perth. For the people that don't know what we are talking about. There is this Rug store called Rug's a Million, and the dude that owns it, is the biggest retard with the most annoying adds. Like once, it was like "Rugs a Million is going to be Shut Down.....(pause)... To Osborne Park" and he has to talk to energetically and no one cares. Now its like, "Rugs a Million is coming to an end. My 16 years of bla bla bla" Like, people are only going to buy rugs... when they need rugs. Not coz they are cheap. Thank god he's shutting it down
  5. 1. Fanboys 2. Wannabe gangsta's 3. Rap 4. White people listening to Rap 5. Buongs 6. Melbourne 7. World of Warcraft 8. Dota 9. The Rugs a Million dude 10. Girls that pile on make up 11. Fat girls with short skirts 12. Redheads 13. People with freckles 14. The Asian InvAsian 15. People born in 1995 16. 2008 17. Ugly Babies 18. People that make history which we then have to learn at school 19. People that want to be Accountants 20. Harry Potthead Thank You Chris and Rappo - 21. Greeks
  6. Have you guys seen the guns? http://www.modernwarfare247.com/singleplayer/weapons/
  7. lol excuses excuses Sounds like the lame excuse I made for GTAF last year when I made another account after a temp ban "My brother made the account"
  8. I never thought ppl could still speak it. I thought it was only engraved on Macedonian churches lol
  9. lmao i was like "wtf could that mean" then i realized.... and Ѭ has got to be one of the coolest letters ever. it looks like an alien! i wanted to take a course on Old Church Slavonic at my university this upcoming year but it didnt have any room in my schedule! oh well... LOL they have courses for it? haha It's basically a weird version of Macedonian with a mixture of Russian. Understandable
  10. @ Rappo and Steam Checkout Wikipedia in Old Church Slavonic http://cu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Гл...;ца The First Slavic Language, from Salonika in Macedonia
  11. HA!, we all look better through TV reflections
  12. Всега имамъ десеть лугье на моёть Сайнтсь Роу Форум.
  13. When I open Google Chrome, this comes up. so I just open everyone of them in a new tab. Except Wikipedia
  14. So I'm the only one that wants to taste the worlds best coke? Your missin out
  15. lol cant wait eager to see RiderJohnson's room apparently he's rich
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