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  1. А любовь в тебе и во мне. Как опиум как опиум Любовь в тебе и во мне, как опиум как опиум
  2. So, basically, I wanna use the internet, by connecting it to my laptop instead of all the way to the router.
  3. Ти прав, другар, но яс не сакам да пишувам во лажен кирилица. Close lol.
  4. I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 to my laptop and use its internet (connected wireless) Now all the videos on YT go to the file sharing tab and click some shit
  5. Everyone on youtube has it, with Vista
  6. Ай доунт гив а шить. Дей доунт андърстенд ит
  7. I have no File Sharing tab I tried Google, and it sucks. Everyone says the same thing which doesn't work. I have Vista. Anyone wanna tell me something that works?
  8. what a hottie how old are you? gonna guess 12
  9. -========gALsKeSog aSOf========- dont ask , i just pressed paste
  10. How did you miss the GTA IV section...
  11. lol I have no idea. I swear on the other Post your pics thread he was indian... must've been someone else
  12. .. For some reason I thought you were Indian lol
  13. Simply state why you would like to ban the person above you
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