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  1. well im scottish,english and irish, theres more scottish in me than anything else, but i was born and raised in Essex, England so i class myself as english. god thats confusing
  2. just make them laugh, that really does work better than anything.
  3. As much as i hate wow, i still think its fucking stupid that kids blame their actions on it. Maybe the game did give him the idea, but its not like it brainwashed him and forced him to do it, he made that choice to do what he done himself. He should just grow up and take responsibility
  4. george bush may be an idiot, but i dont think hes that cold blooded enough to order an attack on thousands of innocent people, just for an excuse to invade iraq. and besides, 911 attacks had nothing to do with iraq or saddam hussein. we invaded iraq because we thought they had WMDs and to remove a dictator from power
  5. Jurassic 5, they are not really mainstream so i guess they count
  6. my new years resoloutions -to find true love -get up off my unumployed ass and get a job
  7. east los santos, cos its got that dangerous feel to it, which i just love
  8. hello everyone, these forums look very good, so i thought id sign up. obviously im a big fan of gta games, and i have been modding gta for about 2 years now, so keep a look out for some of my work in the near future. and, Happy New Year
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