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  1. /\ ha ha, thats really cool, and awesome choice in music (<does that even make sense, it doesent look right to me....fuck it)
  2. sterilized milk tastes like congealed shit
  3. suck my cocks? do you have more than 1? well now i dont know what to think
  4. If you have an HD tv, you will need to buy an HD cable separately, the ps3 doesent come with one.
  5. im gonna go out and kill some chavs, make this world a better place
  6. i dunno about you guys, but i think this could be a sabre turbo. its the same basic sabre shape, and it has stripes.
  7. Are you paying too much for your car insurance?
  8. YEAH!! whatever Arucard said. i need to do a shit
  9. I hate chavs too. The other day i was at my gran's house, and this chav (dressed in an all white tracksuit, bald head, face uglier than a pigs ass, typical chav) was walking past the house talking on his phone, well when i say talking, i mean shouting undecipherable grunts (im serious, i couldnt understand a word he was saying), the only words he spoke in perfect english were, fuck and cunt. I mean how bloody thick can one person get?
  10. i hate all fast food, except for fish and chips.
  11. What you are seeing is the LOD (long distance) models, the textures are blurry to give the illusion of a far away building, and the models are less detailed to keep the game running smoothly. You could replace all the LOD models with the normal models but that would be a huge task, and the game would probably lag a hell of a lot.
  12. Lighten up dude, i dont mean anything by it, its just a little joke, lots of modders do the same, essentially it just saying not to steal mods.
  13. Thanks you guys, im glad you like it. And yeah, i uploaded it to the downloads section, its just waiting to be approved.
  14. I started modeling this mid-poly shotgun yesterday and i just got the textures finished this morning, so im releasing it. Heres some screenshots: Download enjoy
  15. You know what, i think there are more old people around than ever before. I went into the supermarket today and everyone in there was old, it was really wierd! The youngest person in there was probably about 70, whats up with that??
  16. Ive only been here a short time and i dont know you that well, but you seem to be a proper decent guy, and yeah, your graphics are awesome. btw I think you should quit your college course if you dont like it, i quit my course last november and i felt so much better for it. I was just the same, getting stressed and angry, arguing with tutors ect. Anyway good luck with it all man
  17. Chris Crocker was found dead today at his home. It is thought he died of a heart attack after seeing himself in the mirror. San news blah blah blah
  18. No that is definately an AK-47, its just one with a folding stock instead of the standard wooden one. Theres lots of other variations too, but they are still AK-47s. (i know a quite lot about guns ) But yeah, thats cool piece of artwork.
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