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  1. YEAHHHHHHHHH big boy can be cool if he copys every one
  2. i go to to the boxing gym every weekend and...fight and when i hurt the person im fighting i enjoy it
  3. How can you not eat pancakes. They are the best desert you may ever have in the UK. Either that or breakfast. dam right
  4. look i don`t care if you know more about gta(it`s only a game)and it`s very childish about owning

  5. oh and by the way when you grow up don`t try to copy the games you play,they have ratings for a reason

  6. i came here to talk to adults about gta iv not talk to little kids who think there successful

  7. dont make me laugh you`ll be behind a computer all your life with no gf no life nothing.so i think i will have a better life

  8. thanks for friends add,i added you to :)

  9. my brother killed him self when i was 12 october 24 i will never foget
  10. too much video games

  11. oh i see hazer shouldn`t steal it off you

  12. whos the pitcure of?

  13. wow theres some real hating in this room
  14. OMG did you see that it waz coolz
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