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  1. I WANT GTA 4! !!!!!!!!! NOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i am eating a can of cold speghetti and sausages and drinking a frosty irn bru
  3. Take jack thompson and the other moaning bastards like him and lower into lava very slowly so they suffer lots! Oh and all those people that protest agianst stuff because its agianst a religion etc etc!
  4. I am sitting here eating a can on speghetti and sausages and my mate stays that i'm wierd, So being bored i made this thread, who has eaten the wierdest food.???
  5. Not like it matters but, You Are 64% Evil You are very evil. And you're too evil to care. Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.
  6. GETSUGA TENSHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. he reminds me of the politican from stargate sg1 who is always trying to shut down the startgate program, and i wanna punch him, and kick the shit out of JT and yes he is extremly ugly,
  8. The is one of the Longest words in the enlgish language, Also did you know that appernalty then longest word in the world contains 189,819 letters, if you dont belive me check it out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longest_word_in_English. Heres the word: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
  9. Things that Piss me off, Well where going to be here for a while: Here goes: Jack Thompson The Stupid Percentage of the Human race (which is abut 60%) Getting hurt Not having super powers Having no money EA (when they produce games that are the same as there sequels with slight alts) Religion Scienctology (cults in general) Uglies that have a crash on me Rubbish Computers Having no good games for my ps3 Freemasonary Politics When games delay over and over agian Small Kids that wont shut up When you have just come out of a cinema and your frds says Hey remember that bit when....... The Morning The increasing price of everything! Retarded Tv shows (like big brother and the american teenage sit coms on disney, oh and american cartoons) Political Correctness ( god i have a passinate hatred for these people) Stupidly Strict Health and Safety Insurance and banking AD on TV MAC's Small Yappy dogs Jellyfish (i have an automatic reaction of throwing rocks at them) Things that are gonna kill me Fear Jornolism (where they list these that are gonna kill us and envoke fear of thros things) The new world order JRPG's When you put your heart into something, then fail on the tinies deatils ever. Not being able to play GTA 4 and MGS 4 now Being bored Drunk People rap music Horror Movies Work that isnt fun being tired Being Hungry Umm, that all i can think of in my sleep depeived state.
  10. anyone want to put a Hit on him, i am willing to put in money to get him out of the way. if he stops the release of GTA 4 i will K**L him myself, with varoius household objects.
  11. When Gta 4 comes out, what will this website be reporting on? i dont think news on Gta 5 is going to be out for Years.
  12. I dont think that take two will give in, they have no reason to they are worth alot of money and as in says in the article take two shud be worth ahell of alot more when GTA 4 comes out. What i am trying to get at is - There not goin to give in they have to much to loss.
  13. I agree with everyone that says EA is eater of good game companies and the pooer of half asses games, where if the have a sequel they feel the same as every other game in that genre.
  14. Its ok and there are alot of mods out for GTA 3 PC. U shud get it.
  15. Games Grand Theft Auto III(PS2) Grand Theft Auto III(PC) Grand Theft Auto Vice City(PS2) Grand Theft Auto Vice City(PC) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas(PS2) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas(PC) Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories(PS2) Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories(PS2) Posters, Just all the maps that came with the games.
  16. sorry, the title didnt say anything abut the PSP. The game really pushs the dvd, the UMD of PsP has not chance unless the were to only use the cities and get rid of all the empty space.
  17. Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes nintendo game own the shit out the rest of the games, if ur into little kiddy kids that are a peice of piss to complete. I admit some of them are fun, like i am a fan of the zelda series and smash brothers. I certainly hit a nerve wit u, must by a Nintendo fan boy eh? And if you are and before your 14 yr old head explodes, i have a Wii myself, i dont think nintendo is so bad. they just need to stay to there cartoon games.
  18. There might be if rockstar get bored, buti think it will be for Ps2 or ps3 coz SA is too big for PSP.
  19. I already know everything. I have played and completed each GTA game at least 5 times.
  20. oh yes i am looking forward to that! i think all gamers that know and hate that bastard will be saving the game before that missionso they can go back and do it over and over agian.
  21. The Amount of people that hate Rockstar is dwarfed by the amount of people that love Rockstar, so thos pseople like like Jack thompson that complain, maon and sue creative Game studios can suk the end of a 105mil cannon, with an HE shell in the chamber.
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