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  1. I dont mean to make it into a rant coz i do like the game just not as much as SA. its not abut me sucking at multiplayer coz most of the time i win all of my matches. and it was fun just to fly around and eject an GTA 4 dont have parachute to get out helicopters which is boring u just rag doll to the floor. I have completed the game 96% just need to get all the flying rats. Getting out of cars is annoying as well, u die most of the time when u jump out speeding (they have made the game TOO realistic) i have it for the Ps3 so no achievements, and i dont want it for the xbox (before u say) I have ran thro all the alternate stories, when the stories gave u a chose i would save it in a different slot so i could play the rest of the other storylines. the attack helicopter doesnt lock on with the guns so it near impossible to kill other helicopters in the air, and not enough weapons, oh and the weapon are too expensive and thru the storyline u dont earn enough money, and when u have 100%ed the game there is no other way to get money besides killing people and with that u get $40 so u have to kill alot of people to get anything. and i am sure i cud pick out some more things, but I LIKE THE GAME, it is alittle bit of a let down!
  2. Yes but there is laods to do on San Andreas when u complete the story line and 100% it, u can fly around and mess around with the harriers get dog fights an stuff. Dont get me wrong i love the game, its just it boring after you complete it the only good thing to do is blow the shit out of the cops, and that loses its charm after a while.
  3. so whats that got to do with anything? if anything might make it better is the New Content that is comin.
  4. TO be hinest once you have finished the and seen most of the cool sites there nothing to do, its aliitle bit of a let down i think. Its kinda boring without planes an the multiplayer isnt as awesome as i thought. when u finished and done all of the side missions what else is there to do?
  5. Yo, I have a text from stevie about the car missions and the first one is a mananin behind an old burger shot near hutchinson station. WHERE IS IT, I CANT FIND IT!!! PLEASE HELP !!!
  6. wow hes a turd, someone needs to shut him up. we are never goin to advance as a society if we have narrow minded assholes like him around!
  7. I have finished the story line and am 80% complete, the flying rats are bastards to find!
  8. ok so i can get on now but my frd cant, can any help? or explain whats goin on? or has anyone heard anythin?
  9. so everyone is having the same problem right, when u try connect is says cannot connect to server?
  10. yeah, they have had it plastered around the isle of man for weeks. an i already knew they would do that coz they did it with san andreas and halo 3
  11. Who here is going to Game when it opens on monday midnght?
  12. yes thats what i was thinking, 5 days of slow motion. just sleep for 5 days, coz when GTA 4 comes out i will be on it for days on end! AND IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!
  13. Dude, i dont know whether someone has mentioned this but, ill say it! Even if the AUS do edit it, just ORder a US or UK version for the PS3. There is no regional limitation to the PS3 or the games, so no US, UK, AUS copies have to been made. One region is made and distrubuted to the entire world! OF course this would be a problem is ur getting it on Xbox 360, so if the Government go along wit there bastardise plan, u always have other options!
  14. nope, coz i didnt think doing what you u do on GTA is what id do in the real world!
  15. oh, i got it the Sons of Liberty! ha ha ha (metal gear solid joke)
  16. Well lets decide that, We shud have a clan for both PS3 and Xbox 360, I am not sure how to set it up thro, And suggestions for the clan name would be nice. if your in then put ur ID as well as what u think would be a suitable name!
  17. We shud make a Clan for GTA 4 Multiplayer! Whos in?
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