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  1. No, JT is if anything making Viloent Games moe popular coz everyone sees him goin after these companies and everyone thinks whats the fuss let have a go at this. When he went after GTA SA the game sales went up coz there was so much press around it. so even thro hes pissing everyone off abut sueing everyone abut stuff he is actually making people more aware of the games and making them more popular. god i hate that MAN!
  2. San Andreas By Far. Althrough VC is Awesome San Andreas has so much more variety, VC was too flat for my taste i need hills and other things.
  3. Its an awesome Mod, but I think GTA SAMP is the better multiplayer out of the 2
  4. I no man, Its killing me having to wait 79 days for it to come out. There isnt any good games out so i am bored stiff.
  5. That would be Awesome if it was Vice city, this time they need to get Rid of that Big peice of Beach that covers half of the first map for no reason. Could have put laods more there.
  6. It only costs like 10 pounds to buy on PC so buy it on the PC. Piece of Piss to Mod, I dont think there is a vehicle on my copy of GTA SA that hasnt been Modded.
  7. Oh, Well a Game goes Platinum when it sells million isnt it? I think GTA 4 will be bigger then Halo 3 was by far so i think it will be into the greatist hits in the first week
  8. No, Nintendo doesnt deserve such an awesome game, The Wii shud stick to Cartoon Games. The shear awesomeness of GTA 4 wud destroy the Wii as well as your house. Only 360, Ps3 and PC can handle the shear Awesomeness.
  9. GTA I - Tank (the only one i can remember) GTA II - Tank (the only one i can remember) GTA III - Mafia Car GTA VC - Skimmer GTA SA - Hydra GTA LCS - Bike GTA VCS - Jet ski
  10. God i hate Jack thompson he is a idiot that doesnt know what he is talking about, i mean there are more viloent games then the GTA series. I just think he has a grudge agianst R* coz he keeps get thrashed in every legal case. Oh and Take alook at this it so funny! http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Jack_Thompson
  11. GTA Isle of man, would be awesome, with the physics engine from Battlefield Bad company where you could destroy all the building and your able to build custom businesses like the sims where you can build your own design and build stuff. That would be so awesome!
  12. If a GTA 5 comes out, do you think it will be set in Vice City Or somewhere else? If somewhere else, where do you think? Admin Edit: Poll added to topic. Please vote.
  13. I want planes, Planes, :'( even if they have nothing to do with the story line, jumping out high speed and skydiving is awesome. Flying around is awesome Oh and it to be release tomorrow, this wait is killing me, I have nothing to do.
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