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  1. 211 Yeah im noob. But i would have alot more if i had broadband
  2. This is probably the most over-hyped game ever No offense, but I didnt see what was so special about it, one bit.
  3. *downloads* *dosent work* *deletes*
  4. There is quite alot of hype for this movie. Im gunna see it for sure.
  5. yeh i might get HCTP. DOR looks very good though. ill see how it goes
  6. Yeah I totally agree. Wrestling games are 200% better than games such as Dead or Alive. Fighting games like that get SO boring after about 3 rounds
  7. Nah I dont have HCTP is it any good? I dont think they will release a new PS2 game this year. As HCTP was just released around 4 months ago
  8. Yeah its Gamecube Exclusive I believe. Lucky for me a have Gc and PS2 Day of Wreckoning looks very nice. Its gunna be awsome coz Cena is in it aswell
  9. I got a PS2 and a Gamecube. Gamecube has nice graphics and a few nice games. But PS2 is definately my favourite Console out. I sorta a Xbox Hater But nothing beats my Beast PC
  10. ok um quite alot I want, but not sure if ill be able to get them all :'( Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (my most wanted game ever ) Doom 3 (me thinks ill get scared playing this ) Half Life 2 (not as much as Doom3) Battlefield Vietnam Resident Evil 4 GTA: San Andreas WWE: Day of Reckoning Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
  11. Heres my Baby CPU - Pentium 4 800fsb 3ghz OS - Windows XP Pro SP1 Mother Board - Intel D865 PERL-K Ram - 1 GIG DDR-400 Video Card - Leadtek A380 Geforce 5950 ultra 256mb HDD - Seagate 150 Gig SATA 7200rpm Speakers - 5.1 Altec Lansing Sound - Onboard Case - Lian Li (not sure of Model ) Anyone Touches my PC besides me and they DIE
  12. It really came outta the blue didnt it. Its number 1 in america. I wanna see it, I'm a big resident evil fan, and This movie looks along the lines of Resident evil
  13. Still getting this "bad" error to edit my Host file? But there is nothing about GTA in my host file
  14. Yeh Im doing a Degree of Multimedia next year.
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